1. Maybe it’s not necessarily the shrink who shrank her. Like the term perm for the result of the action of a hair stylist, ‘shrink’ could be the result of a shrinking process. Unfortunately, her satisfaction with a size restyling is a body issue that needs to be adressed with her shrink.

  2. “how is shrinking her supposed to be helping her with her body images?”

    Depends how big she was to start with, I suppose. Maybe she’s one of Santa’s elves, and being 5 foot 7 was a problem for her…difficult to buy clothing in the North Pole, hard to use such small tools, bullying (you know how those other reindeer were to Rudolph).

    Probably not, but there’s some logic if you want it, I guess.

  3. “I see the play on words, but not the internal logic.”

    That’s pretty much the essence of Pardon My Planet, isn’t it?

  4. Her body issues are so intense that the only way to work through them is to remove and shrink her body entirely. It’s not necessarily a pun on psychologist=shrink but it’s not necessarily not a pun either.

    Basically like all Pardon My Planet its “Hey, people say stuff”

  5. The comment made by Findus has me thinking that both meanings are independently at play here; that is they’re not necessarily all true at once.

    Watching her reminds me of a situation I’ve found myself in twice. One of my hobbies is Argentine Tango where we ask for a dance by making eye contact across the room; the woman then accepts subtly (if she wants to accept. Some women purposely catch the leader’s eye in such a way that the leader is compelled by heart or pressure to ask them). Some women are short people from the hips up, with verrr-ry long legs (like Conan O’Brien; find the video where he explains his growth spurt that was all in his legs, followed by a demonstration). So when I walked up to their table, and they stood up (with a smile), they just kept going up (and now add heels to that).
    This lady’s legs may stretch all the way to the other side of the table! =:-o

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