1. There’s a substantial portion of Americans who don’t believe people with facts and credible sources.

  2. Every issue is already long gone by the time its ‘sell by’ date rolls around!” – The Inedible Hulk

    P.S. @ Bill – How about a couple of “Oy!” tags for this post?

  3. “You won’t like me when I’m angry! Or happy. Or morose. Or anytime really…sniff.” – The Incredible Sulk

  4. “Yes, my fur is black and white, but the stench will turn you green.”
    — The Incredible Skunk

  5. “I absolutely love my new shrink, but it’s taking longer than expected to work through my body issues.”
    — The Incredible Shrunk

  6. I’ve followed Credible Hulk on and off for a while. Every time an anti-vaxxer trolls him he turns green. With rationality.

  7. “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”
    — The Inconceivable Hulk

  8. “You would not like me in a box.
    You would not like me with a fox.
    You would not eat me with a mouse.
    You would not eat me in a house.
    You would not eat me here or there.
    You would not eat me anywhere.”
    — The Inedible Hulk

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