1. Comments made on a Facebook page are public to one degree or another. You can set them so that only your friends can see them or you can leave it open so anyone who comes to the page can see them. You can also choose whether you must authorise people to give them ‘friend’ status or if you automatically accept all such requests. Since he is new, he does not realise this.

    It could have been first. He could have been one of the guys in her past. Like the one she gave his first…whatever.

  2. The guy thought he was making a private comment to Janis, but he posted it publicly. She should probably explain “how it works” means she should explain the difference.

  3. Yes note the 157 likes. That means at least that many people have seen it. Could be many more that saw it and didn’t give it a like. I don’t think reading it out loud has anything to do with the joke. Arlo doesn’t seem concerned about Janis’s past, just sees her embarrassment at this conversation going public.

  4. Would that Dilbert have qualified for the Arlo Award back in the day (the copyright says it’s from 1996)? As in, what sticks out of a man’s pajamas that you can hang a hat on?

  5. I was going for the trifecta (see the other thread about the phones and the phono jacks), but sadly no CIDU about dogs, women, and men was posted…

  6. I never got a “reply all” message like the one Tina sent, but I’ve gotten thousands of “reply all” messages that said “Please unsubscribe me from this mailing list.” and thousands more that said “Stop doing reply all.”

    Yes, I worked for Cisco Systems.

  7. I have an FB account but do not use it other than when I look up about a store, etc which has no other webpage. I joke that it is so private that even I am not allowed to see it. Periodically on going on FB and poke around to keep it active. Robert is on FB regularly conversing with other reenactors, weavers (a lot in New Zealand and Australia), and my immediate family – his family, including 17 year old niece can barely and rarely use a computer other than his BIL for work, & he generally has no idea what he is doing.

    I looked up my high school boyfriend online in general and he looks well -same but older, though his beard fits him better and is a college librarian out in California. (Oddly I could not find him online and looked up his sister and found him through that.) I looked up one friend from college as he and I were always suppose to stay in touch as we had the same initials and ( In high school thinking) if one of us was contacted about a lost class ring and had not lost it – it would belong the other. Unfortunately his name is the same as an actor (not him) and impossible to find him.

    As Robert pushed me to look up friends – and I did not have many – fat, loud, annoying, too smart -while being stupid, girls do not have a lot of friends – and as he said “there must be someone” – 2 friends from when I was in kindergarten jumped into my head and I am pretty sure I found both of them – they are grown, of course, and have families – but why would I write to them and say “hey, remember me, we lived in the same apartment building and went to the same school – I was 2 years behind you” – no purpose.

  8. I have ‘found’ or ‘been found’ by relatives on both sides of the family, altho not thru FB.

    Imagine ‘poking about’ on a genealogy site and seeing my Mother’s picture (taken from my own In Memoriam website) . . . very disconcerting. I was able to track down the person (originally from Holland; now living in Norway; a distant cousin on maternal side) who took the picture from my website and put it on his genealogy site . . . Neal contacted him thru FB, and we are now working together on both maternal and paternal family trees. AND discovering how much easier genealogy research is today with the internet. Uncles of mine on both sides had genealogy research done YEARS ago, and they had to hire people who searched thru paper records and traveled to cemeteries all over Europe. I can only imagine what THAT cost.

    Through this search, I’ve come into contact with relatives whom I’ve not known since I left Holland when I was six years old. I knew their names, but that was all.

    No, we won’t be planning any family reunions. I did, however, find out that one cousin’s daughter moved to LA, where another cousin lives, unbeknownst to either. Maybe they will get together. Everyone else seems to have fanned out all over Europe.

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