1. So the guy who thinks confusing “Butchershop” with “Barbershop” is an adequate and publishable joke, thinks he is justified in criticizing Jimmy Buffet’s “lost shaker of salt” as an inadequate lyric.

    Should someone point Wayno to a mirror?

  2. Hey, if you edit/typeset a lot of ads, it’s not too far fetched that you might transpose whole words. I’ve created a few Frankensentences with bad cut-and-pastes before…

  3. Wait…print want ads still exist?

    Actually a butchershop quartet is kinda-sorta-maybe amusing.

    As my father points out from time to time, barbershop quartets seem to be on the decline these days.

    So maybe this comic takes place years in the past.

  4. Instead of “Shave and a haircut, two bits” do butchershop quartet songs end with “Steak and a pork chop, two bits”?

  5. There’s a place not far from where I live called Barbers and Songs, so of course I wondered whether they had a barbershop quartet or something. So a few weeks ago I made a detour and dropped in to ask them what they’re all about (because who wouldn’t?).

    Very disappointing: they’re just a barbershop where they always have music playing.

    Sometimes, I guess, it’s better just not to ask.

  6. Incredibly, the Classifieds section of the newspaper still exists. (And so do newspapers, evidently.)

    So if I find a job in the Classifieds, am I allowed to tell anyone?

    (Thanks to Kimmy Schmidt for that one.)

  7. “Has Autocorrect ever actually corrected anything?”

    Why, of course, it does so constantly.

    /// Oh, wait, you meant *correctly* corrected anything. . . never mind.

    (I hate Autocorrect, Spellcheck, grammar checkers etc, and I tern them off whenever me Cannes, as they only serve to irrigate me.)

  8. I hate Autocorrect, Spellcheck, grammar checkers etc, and I tern them off

    Most of them would not catch that.

  9. I suspect Autocorrect doesn’t really exist: it’s just a con people use to explain away weird errors, along the lines of “my dog did it.”

    I’m positive one of my friends uses Autocorrect as an excuse for calling her husband Bob “Boob.” “Oh, did that happen again? Darn that Autocorrect!”

  10. Most of the words I think that I am spelling wrong show up as same with spell correct – but it has no idea of how to correct it. I end up opening another window and writing the word to find out how to correctly spell it – unless even that does not work.

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