1. I’m afraid that this made me smile. However, I’m wondering what the trick question would be.

    a) Do all those people down below look like ants to you? (Push!)
    b) I dropped my watch over the side. Can you see it? (Push!)
    c) I’m looking for edgy employees. Do you fit the bill? (Push!)

    I know overthinking things takes away from the joke, but still, I can’t help but wonder.

  2. TRUE STORY: In 1980 I was a newspaper copy clerk applying for a job in PR/Marketing. I was interviewed by the manager and the head copywriter and that went well enough. Then came the department head, who wanted to be Don Draper before there was a Don Draper.

    Halfway through the interview he asked me if I’d put a fist through the wall if he told me to. It was a solid wall, so Yes seemed a bad answer. But so did a flat No.

    “What’s the reason for my putting a fist through the wall?”
    “Never mind the reason. Would you put a fist through the wall?”
    “What’s on the other side of the wall? If you’re serious I’d need a hammer or something.”
    “The question is, would you put your fist through the wall if I told you to?”
    “Will putting a fist through the wall improve business?”
    “Look. I’m asking you if you would put a fist through the wall if I told you to.”
    “I’m asking why. Maybe there’s a better way to accomplish whatever it you want to accomplish than putting a fist through the wall.”

    After a few minutes he gave up on that question. I got the job and putting the fist through the wall never came up again. I don’t know if that was a standard part of his interview technique or something he picked up from one of those Secrets of Being an Executive bestsellers, but so far as I know he didn’t try it on anybody else.

  3. I dunno, Stan. Your questions amused me a lot more than the comic did. (Especially the first one.)

    MinorAnnoyance, why didn’t you just look him in the eye and say “No way”?

  4. The interview process is an interview for the hirer as well as for the hire-ee [1]. The interview process MinorAnnoyance describes would definitely send up some red flags, and turn me off the job. (Although it sounds like the job turned out to be fine.)

    [1] Admittedly, depending on the job market, the hirer may not care that much.

  5. I wonder what he would have said if you had turned it around and answered “I might if you could inspire confidence and loyalty in me. But as of this moment you have not done so. How would do you think you’d go about doing that?”

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