1. There is such a thing as spiced vodka, but a very cursory search wasn’t much help in figuring out what spices are normally used. Nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon wouldn’t surprise me, though probably not in combination.

  2. I’ve never tasted vodka, but I’ve read and been told it’s . . . flavorless? So maybe ANY flavoring, even PS, is a improvement. Heck, I’d even try it, but I wouldn’t buy an entire bottle just for a taste.

  3. I have to admit that when I saw the headline, I thought someone had actually was selling a WATCH that had a PS odor somehow built in. “Hey, it could happen!”, as Judy Tenuta would say.

  4. Andrea — yeah, vodka is a good base for other things, but I can’t see any particular reason to drink it on its own.

    Now I want to make some “pumpkin spice vodka” — or, to put it another way, infuse vodka with mulling spices. I think that would be good. Maybe I’ll do that today, and see how it comes out.

  5. Remember when you got caught chewing gum in class, and a teacher would ask, ‘DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE?!’?


  6. Better yet . . . pecan pie infused with bourbon (that’s how I make it), and a little bit o’ chocolate.

    I THINK putting anything alcoholic into the pumpkin pie mixture might cause curdling, as it is evaporated milk-based.

  7. @Andréa: You shouldn’t have to “buy a whole bottle” — don’t liquor stores in Florida (also) sell those teeny-tiny minatures of various name brand liquors? I never buy them but I notice them, and I think they’re usually only something like a buck and a half.

    But, as has been noticed, I find vodka on its own pretty much tasteless (and I’m not much of a hard liquor guy anyway; I think the bottle of rum in the cupboard has been there for a couple of years and it’s still almost half full).

  8. “. . . don’t liquor stores in Florida (also) . . .”

    No idea; never been in one. We have bottles brought here from WI four years ago that are still either not opened, or more than half full. Southern Comfort in eggnog; spiced rum in a bundt cake. Hubby’s job to get anything we need . . . lambrusco for me, Landshark beer (of course!) for him. We bought some of the frozen drinks for two bucks when we first moved here; after four years, they’ve been moved to a different freezer ’cause they were taking up room in the kitchen fridge and never being used up.

  9. @ Olivier – I don’t see any references to France on this page except for yours. Did another comment get WordPressed into oblivion?

  10. France has so many exports to be proud of! The vodka is distilled in France, and flavored in the US. Apparently, Pinnacle is the Baskin-Robbins of vodka.

  11. What I question is the ‘artificial flavoring’ . . . I suppose if you just dump in some cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger, there would be spices floating around in the liquor, altho that HAS to be better than a worm . . . doesn’t it?

  12. @ Andréa – Worms are used in tequila, not vodka. Dumping in spices would make the liquor murky and might shorten the shelf life. When they want to add flavor, they extract the essence from whatever spice(s) they want, and use that (after filtering). Or they just go to the chemistry cabinet and cook up a likely mixture of esters and whatnot, and use that.

  13. People who are LOOKING for flavored booze that isn’t booze-flavored probably won’t be alarmed that the result doesn’t look like the unflavored booze.

  14. Many years ago, when I started my underage drinking, vodka was a favourite of mine. Unlike other liquors, it is generally neutral. It just tastes like alcohol. Mostly; I have had some poorly made vodkas that definitely have some flavour. Vodka does mix well with many other beverages. Pumpkin Spice vodka, however, would combine the burny of vodka and the horror of PS. So why make it?

    Alcoholics, of course. For the next several months we will be seeing all manner of PS stuff. A functioning alcoholic who needs to go to work can buy a nice big PS coffee from one chain or another and had a shot or three to the cup. It might taste a bit better than using regular vodka, but I think the real benefit may be that it has some PS aroma that is attempting to mask the smell.

  15. @ Singapore Bill – “attempting to mask the smell
    There’s a concoction that is popular in northern Germant called the Pharisee. It’s basically hot chocolate with a double shot of rum, served in a mug with a thick layer of whipped cream on top. The legend goes that the villagers abstained from drinking alcohol in the presence of the pastor, so this was supposed to keep him from figuring out what everyone else had in their cups. According to the story, when he finally got a whiff of the contents, he scolded them all as being “pharisees”, which is how the drink supposedly got its name.

  16. P.S. Here’s a working link to the article. It’s worth noting that the recipe ended up in court after someone complained about being shortchanged on the rum. The court ruled (after a taste test) that 20ml was not enough, and that the drink should be made with 40ml of rum to be worthy of the name.

  17. Kilby: If I remember my Bible stories correctly, it seems to me that if a pastor goes on and on about how virtuous he is compared to all the others, that pastor is the Pharisee.

  18. Remember when we thought CIDUBill’s heading of ‘Coming soon: Pumpkin Spice Scented Comics’ was funny/silly/too far out to be true? Well, today I received the October issue of ‘BookPage’, a magazine of reviews of new books. On page 10 is the heading, “Pumpkin spice latte literature.” Subheading: “It’s the time of year when pumpkin spice suddenly flavors everything. . . .- these books are pure pumpkin spice.”

    I gave the page the ol’ scratch ‘n’ sniff test, but . . . nothing.

  19. @ Andréa – Seeing the first PS-comic of the Fall season is sort of like catching the first robin in Spring: nothing momentous, but worth a brief mention.

  20. That analogy is no longer valid, I’m afraid. Several years ago, I was shoveling snow in January (in Wisconsin, obviously), when I heard robins. Many have taken to staying around all year. And here in Florida . . . I sometimes hear one or two in the winter, but I never see them,

    PS. I LOVE PS comics almost as much as DEATH ones . . . just a quirk of mine, I guess.

  21. I recently discovered that PS and chocolate do not go well together. Hubby brought home two packages of Pepperidge Farm MILANO PUMPKIN SPICE cookies (all MILANO have chocolate between two layers of cookies; I think about 20 different flavors).

    I had one, and hoped that Hubby would like them ’cause I sure didn’t. Maybe that’s why they were being sold as BOGOF.

  22. I received this message in my InBox this morning . . .
    “Bella Michelle day spa is offering amazing pumpkin body scrubs and massages.”

    Now, is this being scrubbed and massaged with the gunk from inside a pumpkin? Or the rind? Or a whole pumpkin being run over one’s body, as is done with hot stones? Or BY a pumpkin? (Isn’t there a band called Smashing Pumpkins . . . maybe this is the members’ side jobs?)

    No mention of ‘spice’ . . . so this is taking PS up to another level (or down to another level – YMMV).

  23. I was always unsure of the lexical status of the “Smashing” in that band name. (Who BTW are real, and had a Chicago connection.) It could be a gerund about a destructive physical act. Or it could be an adjectival interjection used (chiefly British?) to express admiration.

    One of their album titles / cover art used a melon + collie rebus to convey melancholy, so I lean to the punning interpretation of the band name. But I think there is a definitive statement out on this, I just don’t remember the outcome.

  24. Actually, since it’s “The Smashing Pumpkins” it has to be the adjective reading. Also if that cover art comes thru, you’ll see it wasn’t quite a pictorial rebus.

  25. “robins are staying north more than ever, indicating a global warming trend. ”

    I never paid much attention to robins, but the geese flying overhead in formation are noticeable, and they are no longer seasonal, and they aren’t always flying in the expected direction, either.

  26. Back in WI, I used to see ’em in letters other than ‘V’. Here in FL, we have herons that fly in the letter ‘I’.

    I DO miss the honking, however. In fact, I miss ALL of autumn in the midwest.

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