1. ” Don Quixote seems a rather thick book for a bedtime story.”

    Any book can be a bedtime story, if you read it at bedtime.

  2. Yeah here, too. Nothing gets an intelligent kid to want bedtime more than a very good book, broken up into chapters/bite-size pieces.

  3. MinorAnnoyance: can I pay you directly for a non-DRM’d version? I tried to buy it, but all the versions are DRM’d and I don’t play that…

  4. If you use Calibre, be very careful which plugins you install. I hear that one them will cause a problem where the DRM ends up removed from an e-book and one might not want such an untoward event to happen.

  5. “…and then I (the storyteller) woke up” is a dramatic plot twist (see The Wizard of Oz, Dallas cliffhanger). In this case, “and then I (the reader) went to sleep” provides a surprise twist to the book.

  6. Also, the “it was just a dream” ending in WIZARD OF OZ applies only to the movie, not to the original novel, where the adventures are “real.”

  7. MinorAnnoyance: without DRM? I’ll take it!

    (With DRM, you are obliged to register with Adobe, even if you use the plugins to Calibre Brian alludes to…)

    If you use my comment scraper, you can email me at the domain it uses with the username I use here…

  8. “The ‘it was just a dream’ ending in WIZARD OF OZ applies only to the movie…”
    That’s why the movie didn’t have 39 sequels.

  9. The “it was all a dream” ending doesn’t stop something from having lots of sequels.

    The comic strip “Little Nemo in Slumberland” kept going on this for years.

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