1. It’s a bit like those anecdotes you hear about where a celebrity trying to buy something is recognised by the shop or bar staff and gushed over and asked for selfies, but when it comes to payment they are still asked for ID.

    Also, if I go to an airline check-in desk and can walk, talk and look like a human, I still have to prove my ID to be allowed to board. Same is true of ducks.

    (Does a service duck/horse/dog etc have to have ID or some sort, like immunisation history to travel on a plane? Checked: some airlines require it, some don’t: https://www.servicedogcertifications.org/flying-with-a-service-dog-guide/ bu generally ducks are not allowed as service animals from what I can see).

  2. I believe you’re overthinking it. I think the writer just started with the old “If it looks like a duck…” adage, and tried (in vain) to make something funny about it.

  3. People have to have paperwork that proves identification to get on a plane.. just having a ticket isn’t good enough. Well, this duck wants to get on the plane, but doesn’t have any identification. He’s trying to establish to the gate clerk that he is who he says he is, because it’s obvious he’s a duck… he walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and looks like a duck… so… he’s a duck. But the gate clerk isn’t having any of it. He could be two terrorists in a very clever duck disguise.

  4. No such thing as a service duck. The ADA recognizes dogs and miniature horses as service animals. https://www.ada.gov/service_animals_2010.htm

    “Emotional support animals” is a vague term with no protected status, so an airline would not be required to accommodate them in the USA. Many certainly have been accommodating, but given the abuse of their goodwill this may well be ruined.

    Initially, the idea of a duck choosing to fly on a commercial carrier may seem silly (or perhaps that should be a goose, if it’s silly), but it makes a lot of sense. The flight would require a lot less effort than flying under its own power. Depending upon the airline and the class of service, food may be provided. There is much less chance of being sucked into an engine if seated inside the plane. And in the event of a mishap, the duck can simply hop out and continue on under its own power. Lucky Ducky!

  5. There’s a “classic” Looney Tunes cartoon about Daffy trying to get a commercial flight. Naturally enough, I don’t remember the title, or even much about it, beyond Daffy explaining how great it will be to not have to fly all the way south.

    I gave Google a shot at finding the answer for me, and it seems “Daffy Flies North” might be what I’m vaguely recalling.

  6. I interpret it as:

    the duck is a duck and wants to be recognized as such, but without papers it must do things the way a human does it.

    Thus the “traditional way” means … on an airplane I guess.

    Which makes this strip seem backwards. It seems as though the the clerk is *denying* the duck access to the plane because he *looks* like a duck. So the clerk seems to be saying “Can’t assume you are a duck without proof” but seems to be doing “Must assume you are a duck unless you have proof otherwise”.

    But… *IF* we deliberately attempt to interpret it as, the duck is asking for permission to get past the gate, get onto the tarmac, and fly away under its own power (or something else he’s duck privalege ought to allow), but the clerk is saying, “well, you look like a duck but without proof I’ll have to treat you like a traditional passenger”.

  7. @ James Pollock – You’re right about the title. Daffy is feeling exhausted by all the flying with his “squadron” and his hard-ass squadron leader tears him off a strip, so he comes to earth and tries hitch-hiking etc. In the very end [SPOILER ALERT] he doesn’t so much try to get a commercial plane as get chased onto one by a bull. However, he is supposed to be going north and the plane is going south so he ends up in Rio.

  8. The emotional support animal thing really did get abused. As I recall, one woman was allowed on with a pig that caused quite a disturbance. I read of an airline that refused to allow a woman to fly with a peacock.

  9. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could be taken on planes as comfort animals!”

    Nah, doesn’t scan as well.

  10. Yes, and those who pushed the limits on that have ruined it for the rest of us.

    I’ve never taken my Service Dog on a plane – as I no longer travel – but she goes into stores and restaurants with me; in fact, anywhere but doctor and dentist office and ER. She only weighs five pounds, after all. What I like is that she makes others smile, and that makes me happy. And people stop to talk dogs and we end up discussing dog rescue, which never would happen if I was just walkin’ along by myself.

    Far as I know, she’s never made anyone UNcomfortable.

  11. I feel like this one was so close to almost being funny. Maybe the “despite” should have been a “because”? I can see the duck being kicked off the plane BECAUSE he walks/talks/etc., and therefore has to “fly the traditional way” [use your wings] since he does not have a proper government ID.

  12. So we have the the original comic, the Daffy cartoon, and the Kliban cartoon. And that would be…duck, duck, goose?

  13. “. . . a woman to fly with a peacock.”

    Now, THAT I’d’ve liked to see!

    Well, here’s the boid in question:

    A CBS News video stated that the peacock wanted to board a flight, but I think that assumes facts not in evidence.

  14. Woozy, you’ve got it all wrong. “The traditional way” is flying by flapping one’s wings.

    Look, the duck walked up and said “I’d like to fly commercial.” The gate agent says he needs ID to get on the plane. The duck says “Look at me, does it look like I have ID? Can’t you tell what I am without ID?”

    And then the agent says the dialog from the strip.

  15. Many years ago, I had read that peacock calls can sound enough like a human scream that people call the police. I have seen videos now and it doesn’t seem that close, but perhaps from some distance with the bird out of sight that could happen.

  16. As Madeline Kahn said in ‘Blazing Saddles’, “it’s twue, it’s twue!” Hearing them on a video is nothing like hearing them IRL.

    I’ve mentioned on another thread that there is a cemetery near me that had [live] peacocks in it which, naturally, colonized the entire neighborhood. I was walking up the sidewalk of a house I was going to look at to buy; when I saw peacocks on the porch, I told the agent, no thanks.

  17. Some twenty or so years ago, a peacock in the St. Paul (MN) zoo got out of its cage and wandered over to the polar bear enclosure, where it was promptly eaten. I think being ‘first polar bear in history to kill and eat a peacock’ should be recorded in the record books just as ‘first person to climb Mt. Everest’ is.

    Anyway, the easy solution to your “unwanted peacocks in the local cemetery” problem is obvious: release a polar bear into the cemetery. (Or, if you were worried the problem might recur in the future, a breeding population of polar bears.)

  18. Did I already use up my literary “fun facts” quiz question about peacocks?

    Name the prominent American twentieth century fiction writer who raised peafowl on their farm..

  19. Next question: name a British author whose name suggests a history of bestiality.

    (Well, sure, Thomas Love Peacock. D’0h.)

    (He’s actually a lot of fun; I especially recommend NIGHTMARE ABBEY.)

  20. “the easy solution to your “unwanted peacocks in the local cemetery” problem is obvious: release a polar bear into the cemetery.”

    Not that easy… polar bears are kind of hard to come by of late, no matter what you saw on “Lost”.

  21. Comfort Animal is one that makes one feels better – aka pet!

    Unless an animal is specially trained to do something (lead the blind, open the door for someone in a wheelchair etc) – it is a pet no matter what one calls it. I have a client who had her doctor write that her little dog Not saying anyone else’s does not qualify due to size) who likes to bite people’s ankles, is her comfort dog. She does not want “Chippy” to have to fly in the luggage section and this way she does not have to pay for him to fly.

    Andréa – unfortunately there are those – myself included – who do not feel comfortable when animals are around. As far back as I can remember I have been terrified of animals. I control it now, but the fear is still there. I have no idea where comes from – I have asked mom a number of times if I was ever attacked by an animal and she says no. By animal I do not just means large animals – goldfish and hamsters are included. Of course I had a kid sister who loved animals. Then again, when she would forget for weeks to feed her hamsters I would stand across the room and throw a handful of food at the cage so the poor thing would not starve. I walked her dog during a hurricane as she was staying elsewhere and mom sent me out with the dog. I would fight with my mom not to go parties at the home of friends who had dogs. The mother after hearing that I was standing in the corner with my back to the wall or running out the door because I was afraid, would say “but he’s a nice doggie, he won’t hurt you.” I learned to say instead that I was allergic. Years later when my middle sister had a dog (she got to the keep the small one, the large wolf shaped/sized one that she found I could not deal with and he had to go) my younger sister was having a party and a child was afraid and made it known. My mom said to her “her is a nice doggie, he won’t hurt you” – I took him by the collar and put him in another room, glaring at mom as I did as she should have remembered.

    Another question that comes up in my mind – especially for schools – one child wants/needs to bring his/her seeing eye dog (etc) to school. Another child in the school is allergic to dogs (etc). Whose rights win? The child who could be ill or die from the dog’s presence or the child who needs it to help them?

  22. “I’d consider that whatever the dog does, classmates could do as well.”

    Seems extreme to make the kids go to the bathroom outside, but OK.

  23. A news show story the other day involved a woman who was allowed to fly with her comfort animal, a miniature horse.

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