Bedtime Story

giving tree

Even setting aside the fact that The Giving Tree is possibly the most objectionable children’s book that doesn’t have any Berenstain Bears in it, what’s the joke here? And why this book?

If anything, I’d think Spook would prefer The Count of Monte Cristo.

The irony, of course, is that if this strip were written today, it would have been published just in time for Silverstein’s birthday.


  1. @ Andréa – I hope that was a typo, because no matter how I subtract, I can’t get the result to come out as eleven.

  2. Thanks, Olivier, I had been comparing Brian‘s 30-Sep with Andréa‘s 31-July comments, and kept coming up with 10 months.

  3. “it’s just as well that you never got to The Berenstain Bears in Cyberspace, where the bear cubs all get laptop computers. Of course they go to dating sites. One girl bear pretends to be much older and sets up a date with an older man bear, who turns out to be … her current boyfriend also pretending to be much older. Ha ha, she got her own boyfriend, no danger there, nothing creepy about that.”

    She could have gotten her brother.

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