1. Janis couldn’t get to sleep, because she was worrying about stuff. So she went to the guest room, because a change of location is supposed to help. But she couldn’t sleep there, because the mattress was bad. That’s it.

  2. I’m wondering where on earth she read a change of setting could help sleep. Was that same place that said cleaning a cat box is good for nausea and monster truck rallies are good for headaches?

  3. Maybe it really said, ‘Sleep in your own bed, by yourself’, but she didn’t want to tell Arlo that. Many men take it personally (says the woman who has her own wing of the house and Hubby has his. [My] doctor’s orders, many years ago).

  4. @woozy: “I’m wondering where on earth she read a change of setting could help sleep.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever *read* it anywhere, but I discovered independently that it works for me, so I frequently switch beds once or twice during the night.

  5. I’d suggest one doesn’t want a guest bed that’s too comfortable. Otherwise they might settle in for the long haul.

  6. Changing beds doesn’t help me that much, but avoiding getting a little kid’s elbow (or knee) in the ribs works wonders. So whenever an invader shows up, I tend to swap, and try to finish the night in the kid’s bunk.

  7. Perhaps she is still deeply worrying the next morning and she is blaming the bed instead of working out her issue.

  8. @John Kowalkowski: I was thinking the opposite: on the plus side, the terrible mattress made her forget her original worries.
    @SingaporeBill : lol.

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