1. I don’t know where to find them again on the Web, but there are pictures which seem to have both Waldo and Carmen Sandiego. But I don’t mean to diminish your feat of finding Waldo in the real world.

  2. It’s not just hanging out with the crowd in red & white: that smile in the final panel seems to say, “Heck with this, I’m going to travel all over the world (to play hide and seek).

  3. You’re right about the tear. So Notlob is right that he’s found his people – those that wear red or red and white.

  4. Mrs. Waldo is worried that his travels are really just his excuse to hang out with that hussy, Dora the Explorer.

  5. He can’t deny who he is, even if it makes him cry on the inside (leaking to the outside for our benefit)

  6. But…. Waldo never (well he did *once*) hung out with other people in stripes.

    I kind of get Waldo running away from his family (akin the mob finally finding Waldo) but … was he *looking* for people like him? Not sure what the strip is trying to say.

  7. He didn’t, woozy? The local library has big ‘Where’s Waldo’ scenes posted at the checkout desk to amuse the kiddies, and they’re full of folks in red and white, though admittedly only a minority are striped.

  8. I assumed the kids in partial red-and/or-white attire are Waldo’s illegitimate children (presumably with various women he met on his travels); the kids aren’t fully red-and-white-striped because he supplies only half of the DNA. But possibly I just have a Naughty Mind.

  9. Waldo appears amongst a bunch of other Waldos (in the “Land Of Waldos”) in the finals pages of The Great Waldo Search, where the “real” Waldo is only recognizable, we are told, due to him missing a shoe.

    He also appears amongst many other Waldos, Wendys, Woofs, and other red-and-white stripe-wearing folks in Where’s Waldo In Hollywood in a scene depicting a massive musical production full of performers dressed as Where’s Waldo characters.

  10. @ Shrug – Given that this is “Cyanide and Happiness”, which specializes in deplorable darkness, your theory may be exactly what the cartoonist had in mind. It certainly explains the tear.

  11. I’ve seen comics where a character’s face, for some reason or another, is frozen in place. The way the face is frozen makes others think that the character is in a constant mood of happiness/sadness/anger/boredom (which the reader knows isn’t the case, because the reader knows the character can’t change the shape of the face). Hilarity ensues.

    In this cartoon, Waldo seems to be under this same “frozen face” curse, initially causing us to believe that he wants to leave his family. But then, we see him shed a year, revealing that he’s not happy after all.

    How this is funny, I’m not really sure.

  12. Seeing this again just now, I noticed the “(Answer Below!)” in the caption, and discovered that Steve Melcher posted his “answer” in the comments at GoComics: “3rd Row From Bottom, 4th From Right (Striped Pants/Purple Vest/Green Jacket)“.

  13. I didn’t realize the ‘answer below’ was serious, as I figured they were ALL named Wilhelm. Or, as my Mother was named after the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmina.

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