1. Understanding this is made much more confusing by the fact that it appears to be the Voice of God telling Adam and Eve that they are naked and need to cover up. I don’t have any cultural reference for a story like that, so it’s a lot harder to guess what’s happening.

    (With less snark: if you’re referencing a story, randomly changing significant parts makes it difficult for people to know if you’re changing something else too.)

  2. Presumably the “dessert” is the apples (or figs, or whatever the original fruit was), so isn’t it also changing the story to have them aware of their nakedness before they eat of the fruit of the tree of Nollege Cowledge? (whether or not it is God telling them of their nakedness rather than them coming to realise themselves).

  3. Yeah, huh?? So it seems like God said, “You are naked — put on some fig leaves!” And Adam is saying, OK, but can we wait until after we’ve had dessert, pointing to the apples. But if they haven’t yet eaten the apples, then they don’t yet know they are naked, because that only came about after eating from the Tree of Knowledge, so huh??

  4. As a gardener, I have noted that fig leaves are really scratchy. They should use banana leaves.

  5. Yes, it’s fair game to suggest, comedically, that the story you know is either incomplete or incorrect in key details. Say, for example, that I draw a cartoon that puts Mr. Magoo on the grassy knoll, and suggest that he was aiming for Oswald when he pulled the trigger.

    This cartoon suggests that Adam knew they were naked all along, and only covered up because God told them to. In other words, the story as you know it was incomplete or incorrect.

  6. Hmm, not sure about pickle, above what Andréa said about Branston pickle/ chutney/ picalilli , which are all continuous masses of gooey stuff of various levels of chunkiness, some tart and some sweeter. You can “be in a pickle“, meaning in a bad situation. You can also be “pickled”, meaning you have drunk too much alcohol.

    And then there are jars of pickled discrete items like gherkins and onions and various East European vegetables. One item that might be alarming to Americans is pickled eggs, which used to be a fixture of English pubs in the 70s and before. They sat in a big jar on the bar, and you would often have one in a packet of crisps (aka chips, in American parlance). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickled_egg

  7. @James Pollock – that makes a lot more sense. I was looking at it as a “missing detail”-type thing, and got confused by the main story being changed so much. I hadn’t thought to look at it as a “no, this is how it actually happened.”

  8. I think the cartoon would work a little better if each were holding a half-eaten apple and Adam were asking “or can we wait till we FINISH dessert?”

  9. It might work clearer – though be somewhat more creepy and aggressive – if the Adam guy (whether still naked himself or partially dressed) said “Does SHE have to put the fig leaves on now, or can it wait until after dessert?” As it is she looks rather stressed, embarrassed and put upon.

    History is written by the victors, generally, so the cartoon is suggesting that God put about the alternative – but fake – reading of the chronology we now all think we know from Genesis, and the losers – Adam and Eve and all their descendants, ie us – lost not only the Garden of Eden but also lost the true details of their historic origin narrative until this brave cartoonist discovered it.

  10. Probably because I’m overly logical, I had assumed they had already eaten the apple and he had something else in mind for dessert though I had no idea *what*.

    Obviously I’m wrong and the cartoonist meant the apple for dessert. And of course that makes no sense.

  11. The truth of the matter is that, functionally, Adam and Eve didn’t need clothes in the Garden of Eden… the temperature was warm but not too warm, and apparently mosquitoes and ticks hadn’t been invented yet.

    Being nude is only erotic because the clothes-fetishists have chased away all the people who are naked because it’s easier, and cheaper, and often more comfortable to be naked than not, if conditions support it. (i.e., not in Buffalo in January.)

  12. @narmitaj – Jars of pickled eggs are sometimes still found in bars and taverns around the United States, so the idea isn’t particularly alarming. What is shocking (to me, at least): those eggs are often dyed bright pink and floating in vinegar inside a large jar. Who thought that weird coloring would make a pickled egg more appetizing, anyway?

  13. In another comic’s thread, Kilby said, “The problem is that this panel is based on a fractured premise. The reader ends up having to interpolate [the artist’s] intentions […], or come up with corrections”. I thought for sure I was in this thread, as it’s spot on. *If* you figure out that this is revisionist history, it makes sense (but doesn’t have much humor). Unless or until you figure that out, you’re staring at it and your mind is just going through all the things wrong with it, while trying to figure out what the joke is.

  14. @ DanV – The garish color is intended to mask over or distract from any tawdry yellowish or greenish gray color that may be present in the egg white or yolk, respectively.
    P.S. @ Arthur – The part you quoted may fit well here, but at least Pardon My Planet does not suffer from the ugly, incompetent artwork that the rest of the comment was complaining about.

  15. I did refer to this in my comment of what goes on in cartoonists mind. I think this is somehow a play on the biblical Adam eating the fruit and then knowing he is naked and becoming deeply ashamed in contrast with a slacker surfer dude going “Whatever, man, can I keep eating?”. I think Vic Lee probably assumes a bit more, perhaps she (he?) knows a person like this and assumes this is a personality type familiar to all? And why is Eve so peeved looking? I think Close to Home is nothing more than the cartoonist that Spongebob Aliens would be weird. This one. I’m not sure all of what is going on, but I’ pretty sure it’s an amusement Lee thought was evident but wasn’t.

  16. @DanV – I haven’t seen a jar of pickled eggs in a British pub for some time, so maybe they are more alarming to Brits now than Americans! Or maybe I don’t go to the right pubs. (Or maybe they are always there somewhere but I just don’t notice them.)

  17. ” Jars of pickled eggs are sometimes still found in bars and taverns around the United States, so the idea isn’t particularly alarming.”

    Indeed, there is a jar of pickled eggs on the bar in Moe’s Tavern on the Simpsons.

  18. As I recall, in one of James Marshall’s two “New York Detective” novels (I forget which one) set in the late 19th century, a Very Tough tavern in a slum neighborhood has a jar of pickled ears on display on the bar, the bartender having a habit of biting them off his opponents in the frequent fights there.

    I’d think friends and family would suggest to patrons that they go to a different bar, but apparently you can’t tell them anything — they just won’t listen.

  19. I just went into my local boozer, the George in Wedmore, of which the bar I spend my time in is a former cellar of about 550 years vintage, and asked Ed behind the bar if there was a jar of pickled eggs. He said yes! And showed me it, and there was. But it has only been reintroduced in the last few weeks, since I was last in that pub two months ago. So. No real resolution.


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