1. If Bill were an optimist he’d think things were terrible. If Bill is pessimist he’d think things were normal. If he were a cynic he’d think things were good.

  2. Bill, the question was about the *normal* time. I still hope it isn’t the correct answer to *that* question.

  3. We moved into this house 31 years ago. One of the reasons we picked this house is that most of the houses we saw had recently redone the kitchen to what was called at the time “Scandinavian” – in this context – white or off white doors with dark wood strip across the bottom of the doors – and we did not like same. So we went with this house as the kitchen had not been redone (nor had the bathrooms) and we could decorate as we wanted to (plus it was cheaper).

    Robert owns most of the power tools to make the cabinets. Have we changed them? Well, when we first moved in we bought new handles – bright brass instead of black which was on the cabinets. That’s it for the cabinets.

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