1. Looking at the size of the chicken’s comb, I think that “he” is a she is a hen.

    I like to think that she is drinking a cocktail, suitably and probably in wistful memory of a dear departed cock. However this theory falls down as the artist is likely an American (given the architecture of the distant barn, the traffic flow and the “roadside” lounge), in whose lexicon “rooster” is more commonly the label for the male chicken as opposed to cock or cockerel usual on my side of the Atlantic.

    Cocks crow in the morn to tell us to rise,
    And he who lies late will never be wise;
    For early to bed and early to rise,
    Is the way to be healthy and wealthy
    And wise.

  2. Why did the chicken cross the road halfway?
    To lay it on the line.

    Why did the Hollywood chicken cross the road?
    To see his friend Gregory peck.

    Why did the curious chicken cross the road?
    She heard somebody was going to lay a sidewalk and wanted to see how it was done.

    Why did the nervous chicken cross the road?
    To get away from Colonel Sanders. (very big in 4th grade, that one was)

    Why did the hypothetical chicken cross the road?
    Never mind why. Was she ahead of or behind the egg?

    Why are road-crossing chickens lousy singers?
    Because they’re usually flat.

    Why did the duck cross the road?
    It was stapled to the chicken.

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