1. I have not the slightest idea what Janice’s “Roku” is, but I just saw it as the brand name on a bottle of expensive Japanese gin.

  2. Roku has a Roku channel but the don’t produce any content. The take what they think is the best and most desirable free and ad channels and makes it available with as few ads as possible.

    I find it useful in that because its from multiple choice what they have is not 99% useless as most free channels are. But what I really like is that you can start things without sitting through ads before you can even browse.

    Still 90% of what I watch is on Netflix. I really wish there was a third party search function the searches *between* providers. Also I wish providers did not *deliberately* disable and make actual searching (as in card catalog of OPAC) impossible and only allow browsing by similarity.

  3. Kilby, Roku is a *device* to stream media. Arlo and Janis are confusing “hardware” and “software” and saying things like what’s the website for the Internet? Or do I need a Mac or a PC to drive my car?

    Except as I pointed out there *is* a Roku Channel (as well as an Amazon device) so their confusion is understandable.

  4. I can use the Roku to access my cable company content, live TV and On Demand. I also have a number of other channels I use. NewsOn is convenient if I want to view a local news broadcast. The YouTube channel is nice if you want to see videos on the TV. It’s not as easy to search for stuff. America’s Test Kitchen has a channel where you can see a couple season’s worth of shows. There are thousands of channels.

  5. @Urban Variable. It would probably if …. I weren’t turning into my grandmother and slipping into “eh, …. I can’t figure out this dang new-fangled technology” territory… I actually *am* beginning to understand why they did that. It wasn’t that technology was hard to understand; it was that motivation and incentive to take the effort just isn’t there.

    So, is there anyway to get this justwatch.com directly on one’s streaming device? It’ll do little good if I have to look something up on my computer first, take a note and then, look it up on my streaming device.

    And actually, I was just reacting to a rather odd realization that what I thought was an odd quirk of Amazon, that when I finally subscribed to Netflix, and saw their “searching” that it was clear that they *could* have programmed a “card catalog” that the obviously purposedly *didn’t* because channel hopping and and being eye-ball harvested is what they want (not entirely sure *why* the want it).

    I’m also turning into my grandmother in really not liking any of the supposedly new golden age of television. I just realized that just because something is “good” doesn’t mean it’s any less formulaic and predictable.

  6. The ROKU device in some versions has a cross-provider search. It’s not universal, but covers some half-dozen or so services that have ROKU apps (and may filter according to which you have installed).

  7. All my life I have loved wandering in the public library, looking over the books in a certain part of the Dewey Decimal System and serendipitously founding one to borrow and read.

    And somehow, YouTube and Netflix and Amazon don’t work that way.

  8. Some time ago Robert said that he wanted a Roku. We bought it. Like everything else that we are buying one of, we now have 4 of them – one for each TV and he is trying to figure out to use one on the limited Internet we get usually at RV parks. Every morning (well almost every morning) he gets an hour before me and watches old TV shows on it.

    When he had trouble with his shoulder last October/November he could sit relatively comfortably on the living room sofa and watch reruns of shows like Dobie Gillis on it – with my company of course. (The only other source for the living room TV is the VHS/DVD player as I won’t pay for a cable box for a room we are generally only in to put up – while watching both versions of our favorite Christmas movie – “Lion in Winter” – and take down the Christmas tree.)

    He found out that the entire series of Midsommer Murders in on it. He has only recently started watching it with me and I only have only seen about 3 years worth on PBS. So last week he had on the second or third episode of same on the Roku and it kept going out of sync – the voice and picture did not match. Last night he put on the next episode and in the middle we had trouble with it – why? Well it was an Internet problem -we had lost our Internet and most of our cable TV due to the storm. So every time he goes to show me how great it is and what new shows we can watch – it doesn’t work right.

    The 6 ft antenna in the backyard though – that generally works through everything.

  9. I got a Roku because I was trying out some of the cable replacement services (YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, etc.) and you can view them on your TV with a streaming device like that. Afterwards (I stayed with cable for now) I explored its capabilities a bit.

    Online I was looking for a list of Roku channels. It was irritating because I kept just finding “top lists”. I wanted to see all. When I found such a list, it turned out there are around 10,000 channels. Even filtering out pay and religious channels only got it down to 3000 or so.

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