1. Just moving on from mood “swings” to other, more advanced playground appearance. “No matter how emotionally unstable you think women are, they are actually worse.” Ha, ha, isn’t that funny?

  2. Philip got it. But further, it’s not just that she’s all kinds of crazy, she’s doing it on purpose.

  3. Winter, everybody needs to catch up on their sleep.

    Fun Fact: this year’s 24-Hour Project was almost 50% busier than last year’s. Maybe because it was on a Monday?

  4. “Once the tag is up, you’re legally obligated to give us 24 comics!”

    Or we could all just read theiscomic 24 times. But since it’s a PARDON MY PLANET, that counts as cruel and unusual punishment in most jurisdictions.

  5. I believe all the responders are men, right?

    Nothing will piss a woman off more than having her opinions/angers/actions patronized. If he gets what’s coming to him, we won’t be seeing him any more.

    DIE, PIG!!!

    Or something like that.

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