1. I wondered – when I saw this yesterday – if BlackBeard (another BB) kept body parts in his luggage. Or was that BLUEBeard? I can never keep these mythologies straight.

  2. A search for “blackbeard’s lost” brings up many hits for his lost treasure. I guess we now know how he lost it.

  3. If the caption had said “chest” instead of “luggage”, the point would have been much easier to grasp.

  4. Since no one has pointed out what I thought was obvious, as opposed to the lost treasure joke that I didn’t see at all, a common pirate joke often involves some form of “Arrrrr!”.

  5. @ Mark M – You’re right, it was obvious, and if this had been released on “Talk Like a Pirate“, that might have been enough to carry the joke. As it was, I was wondering if the next day’s follow-up would have Charlie Brown losing his luggage and commenting “Good Grief!

  6. It’s just Blackbeard’s lost luggage instead of Blackbeard’s lost treasure. A lot of today’s CIDU’s are like that. Like far away magic instead of close up magic. And mood swings instead of playground swings.

  7. Yeah but pirates don’t say “arrgh!” they say “arrr!” Why does everyone try to put a “gh” on the end?

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