1. Are we all in agreement that they are looking over their home vegetable garden? Which does not have an abundant yield. Despite diligent performance of a certain fertility ritual.

  2. @ Mitch4 – Arlo appears to use an ancient campaign adage (about voting) for his gardening motto: “…early and often…

  3. Interesting. This was a CIDU for me until reading the comments. The last panel made it sound like Janis was trying to get pregnant, but how would a farmers market help there?

    Now I’m just trying to figure out how someone interpreted this as an Arlo.

  4. Every year Janis tries to raise a bountiful crop in her very own garden; every year it fails; every year she says next year she’s just going to give up on trying to grow their own veggies, and buy them from the Farmer’s Market instead.

    The “fertility ritual” Arlo talks Janis into trying every year is presumably intended to increase the fertility of their garden.

  5. Mark, an Arlo because of what he and Janis were presumably doing in the back yard.

    The upside is, this strip reminded me to look into whether the local farmer’s market is open for the summer yet.

  6. In one strip, Arlo and Janis are in bed. Janis starts cuddling and says, “Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the patter of little feet around the house again?” Arlo says, “For heaven’s sake, why bring that up NOW?”

    I just don’t see Arlo trying to talk Janis into a fertility ritual. Janis trying to talk Arlo into a fertility ritual, maybe.

  7. Maybe the fertility ritual was indeed merely stupid, the sort of thing Ted or Hil might devise in “Sally Forth”. And Janis is always that desperate.

  8. PEGGY: Excuse me, do you know of a plant that can withstand over-watering, inadequate fertilization, and perhaps some over-zealous pruning?
    TEENAGE CLERK: Yeah, they’re called weeds.
    “Yard She Blows,” King of the Hill

  9. We used to plant vegetables every year. We would get a fairly good crop of the vegetables we could grow – cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes (I finally got him to only plant cherry and Roma tomatoes as the best for using from frozen), and green beans. Peppers and corn not so much.

    Problem was they mostly became ripe while we were on vacation. When Robert’s dad was alive he would come and pick up our mail and check the house when we went away, so we told him to take whatever was ripe while we were away. After he died he would come back to a backyard of rotting vegetables, so we stopped planting them.

    Plus we figured out that it cost us more than just buying the vegetables.

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