1. There is a recent side-stepped use of the term “porn”, to refer to an indulging presentation of something people may fancy, not needing to be sexual (thouigh often sensual in some ways). Thus, “cooking porn”, “real estate porn” …

    Like “political junky” and “Cowboy Junkies” similarly sidestepped a rather negative term.

    ( Though I’m not sure how the panel relates to zombie fandom. )

  2. “Because they have brains??”

    That’s better than what *I* had.

    I figured he was excited about 17th Century Norwegian Poets because he *was* a 17th Century Norwegian Poet.

    But I think you are clearly correct.

    (By the way, Jeopardy is actually nowhere so obscure or specific … but you knew that.)

  3. mitch4: But for “cooking porn,” “food porn,” or more generally “[category] porn” the normal usage is that it’s something that caters to people that are very – perhaps abnormally – interested in [category]. It doesn’t mean porn for people who are [category]. So the analogous caption here would be “brain porn.”

  4. Although, beckoningchasm, I’d think this would make them tough to eat.

    Unless the zombies have some sort of brain marinade.

  5. Mitch, I was reading a suspense novel a few months ago where the author seemed to be getting gratuitously creative (and explicit) about the awful ways victims were dying. The first thing that went through my mind was “violence porn.”

  6. I liked the gag I saw somewhere in which a zombie in the high school hallway says, “Brains!” takes one look at a cheerleader and passes her by in his hunt.

  7. Bill – more so than the ideas they come up with on MIdsomer Murders on PBS (or I believe Acorn also carries it)? They have several murders per the hour and a half of the actual show (split into 45 min sequences on PBS – one right after the non-commercial after the first part). In one episode one of the victims was found in a miniature outdoor village attraction staked to the ground the same as Gulliver.

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