1. It’s not a tautology. It’s a redundancy.

    But still, you ask questions that you think are interesting and yet you view anyone who attempts to respond as “obnoxious”….

    Yeah, no blood for you.

  2. “Caulfield would not have a drop of blood left…”

    If asking people to think is considered “obnoxious” by mosquitoes, the premise is correct.

  3. I too wondered why it didn’t show Mrs. O’s thoughts centered on Caulfield,

  4. Saying mosquitoes are too important a part of the ecosystem to get rid of is like saying rats are too important a part of the ecosystem to get rid of, or rabbits are too important a part of the ecosystem to get rid of — ie: totally bogus. The mosquitoes that annoy us are like three breeds out of hundreds, and we have brought them with us to most places (where they displace the local non-annoying niche players) — inadvertently — but because they are so dependent on feeding on us. If we could have figured out how to not bring them, we would have, and, like with rats, we would have benefited greatly. (Rabbits is a whole ‘nother story, where some idiot thought it would be a good idea to introduce them; the two things I remember about Tory Island off the coast of Donegal is the unrelenting wind, and the strewn dead corpses of rabbits from traps, guns, and poison, and yet the rabbit population was thriving…) Now it’s a question of unintended consequences that makes us too fearful to really try and get rid of them (the mosquitoes), and if the lessons from rabbits are anything to go by, those methods probably won’t work, anyway….

  5. The word she was looking for is “pleonasm”. And it’s not absolutely positively a sin.

  6. I am one of those that bugs love to bite. The first few years we had our little RV – and the RV park we go to most is next to a creek or river (actually called Old Mill Stream, but pretty sure it is not same) and I would get covered in bites. The worst was 8 on my face alone. I have been known to get bitten 5 times between our side door and the car – less than 20 ft. I am not sure if there is relation, but the bugs seem to like to bite me on my arms where same are still discolored from the bedbug bites 10 years ago. (And the bedbugs were biting me for 3 months before they started on Robert in the same bed.

    In addition to being annoying, painful, and itchy around here there are problems with them transmitting illness. Since I am fair and take a medication that is a problem with sun I use sun lotion whenever I walk out of the house – to also deal with bug spray on me every time I walk out the door is too exhausting. In addition most of the sprays say that the clothing worn when it is used should not be worn again until it is washed – a problem when traveling in our little RV.

    I found something that works for me. There are a number of brands of it, but I use the one called “bug band”. They are plastic wristbands that seem to be impregnated with citronella and they keep the bugs away. Works well for me and are not obvious. Since it says that it can be worn on one’s ankle under pants, I take one, close it, put a ribbon through it and hang it inside my petticoat (skirt) from my pocket waiststring when reenacting – works well like that also.

  7. A book I ordered today, written in 2019 (in another thread that I cannot find, discussion was whether or not mosquitoes should be considered . . . . now I can’t remember exactly what . . . but this is probably relevant to that discussion, also):

    The mosquito: a human history of our deadliest predator, by Timothy Winegard

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