1. That flower should feel lucky that the forecast isn’t calling for the “Super-Showers” that are about to occur in the second panel of the first comic.

  2. The first one should really have depicted not Superman but the 1940s/50s version of Captain Marvel, since famously the latter had its origin as a feature in WHIZ COMICS.

  3. Good joke, Shrug. But practically unfeasible, as Clark Kent running and opening his shirt to reveal his S is an iconic image. Such a similar image of Billy Batson running and opening his shirt to reveal his lightening bolt has obvious problems.

  4. “Now that they’ve changed the 40’s Captain Marvel into “Shazam,” how does he introduce himself to people?”

    Sign language? In any case, he’s had decades to learn how… he was “Shazam” by the 70’s, when he was on TV on Saturday mornings.

  5. beckoningchasm: Maybe he mumbles? “I’m, uh, Sh’izm.”

    The original Captain Marvel,Jr. had the same problem. Just as Billy Batson turned to Captain Marvel whenever he said “Shazam,” Freddy Freeman turned to “Captain Marvel Jr.” whenever he said “Captain Marvel.” I believe that must have bothered readers — evil genius worms and giant vampire octopuses and Greek gods and talking tigers were, of course, reasonable by comic book standards of the time, but a guy who couldn’t speak his very own code name without changing identities was a bit hard to swallow.

  6. A little history: 1940’s Captain Marvel was published by Fawcett Publications. Shazam was the name of the wizard that gave him his powers. I suppose Captain Marvel gave Captain Marvel Jr. his powers, assuming it works by saying the name of the person who gave one one’s powers. DC, publishers of Superman, sued Fawcett because of the similarity of C.M. to Superman and won the rights to the character. But they let the “Captain Marvel” trademark lapse due to non-use and Marvel Comics picked it up by publishing a story with a character named “Captain Marvel” because Marvel Comics, right? And they kept the name trademark alive by naming a character “Captain Marvel” every few years. Meanwhile DC brought back the original character but “Captain Marvel” was taken so they named him “Shazam.”

  7. ” he was “Shazam” by the 70’s, when he was on TV on Saturday mornings.”

    No he wasn’t. Look at the credits you posted. It *clearly* says “Jackson Bostwick as Captain Marvel”

    The title of the show, like the title of the 70s DC comics, was Shazam! but the character was Captain Marvel until the New 52 in 2012, when he was renamed.

  8. “No he wasn’t.”

    Yes, he was.

    “”Look at the credits you posted. It *clearly* says “Jackson Bostwick as Captain Marvel””

    Which is why the show was called “Captain Marvel”…

    The writers had the fun of dealing with a character who was known by two names.

  9. >> “Which is why the show was called “Captain Marvel”…”

    So… every show must be named after a character?

    Considering what are reactionary he grew up to be it’s surprising he grew up with parents who were bohemian enough to name him All in the Family.

  10. “So… every show must be named after a character?”

    Huh? Of course not. But when you DO decide to name the show after a character, you’d tend to use that character’s name, not some OTHER character who doesn’t even appear in the show. You know, like “The Vera Show”, about a bunch of barflies who gather in a pub in Boston, or “Mrs. Horowitz” about a bunch of science geeks AREN’T the titles.

  11. James… what the heck are you talking about?

    The show, like the comic of the time, is named Shazam! (with an exclamation point) after the word he said to turn into Captain Marvel. The superhero was Captain Marvel. The superhero was *not* as you appear to be claiming known as Shazam– (He is *now* but that only occurred in 2012)– just as Superman was not know as Action and Batman was not known as Detective; and Sam Malone is not known as Cheers, Samantha Stevens is not known as Bewitched and Archie Bunker is not known as All in the Family. The claim that because a comic or a show has a title that isn’t the main characters name means the character must be known by the title is just plain weird.

  12. ” The superhero was Captain Marvel. The superhero was *not* as you appear to be claiming known as Shazam”

    He was both when this TV show was made, which is somewhat before 2012. They may not have gotten around to setting it in stone in the comics until 2012, but the change started long before then.

    As in, Marvel has had the trademark since the 60’s.

  13. ” The claim that because a comic or a show has a title that isn’t the main characters name means the character must be known by the title is just plain weird.”

    That IS a weird claim. Who made it?

  14. “He was both when this TV show was made, ”

    What are you TALKING about? Seriously, what is your point?

    The comic, and the show, was known as Shazam! But the character in the comic and the show is not. A character and the title of work are not the same thing. And evidence that a show had a title that was not the name of the main character doesn’t indicate anything.

    And yes, Marvel had the trademark to the title since the 1960s. That’s *WHY* the comic book is called SHAZAM! and not Captain Marvel. But the trademark was for the title and not the character. Having a comic with a title that isn’t the character’s name doesn’t mean the character had two names. Homer Simpsonisms of confusing the two (“And then Die Hard jumped through the window and rescued Bewitched, Cheers and the Big Bang Theory….”) are not legitimate.

  15. “But the character in the comic and the show is not.”

    I don’t know squat about the comic, and don’t plan to change that.
    But the character in the TV show was known by BOTH “Shazam” AND “Captain Marvel”.

    You can complain that they didn’t make it official, and settle on just calling him “Shazam” in the comics until much later. But it’s not relevant. The change had already started in the 70’s.

  16. No. He wasn’t. I saw every one of those episodes (gad I wasted my childhood) and he was *never* referred to as Shazam and he isn’t referred to as such in the clip you showed either.

  17. Rule #1 of internetting: if you post a link as a citation, make sure the citation supports your argument…

  18. So… is your citing that article your way of conceding you were wrong?

    From your cited article:

    “This extended to other media as well — DC could not promote the character as Captain Marvel anywhere, even though the character’s named was Captain Marvel. So when Billy Batson made his TV debut in 1974, his show</b was titled Shazam (okay, The Shazam/Isis Hour, but you get the point).

    That’s 40+ years of marketing the character as Shazam, and that’s how he’s known to pretty much everybody. Hell, even DC finally gave up when they did the New 52 and finally just renamed the character Shazam, just to cut down on the confusion,

  19. It would be confusing to have a male Captain Marvel, now that CM is a she.

    Robert is like the flower. We are somewhere. He tells me that we have to go back to the car now. It is going to pour in 5 minutes per the weather report on his mobile phone. His belief in the exactness of weather reports (especially from Lonny Quinn – CBS- NY) is why we have not been going on trips as it is always to be raining when we are making plans.

  20. Meryl — the Germans have a saying (roughly translated): There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. (Bad clothing as in inappropriate clothing) Basically, don’t let the weather get in the way of you doing what needs or wants to be doing — dress appropriately, and go out there!

  21. . . . and this one . . .

    (Yes, this could’ve been a synchronicity joke, but I think it works better here, to relieve the . . . tension.)

  22. larK – i feel that way. But the fact that we are sleeping in (in his words) “a tin can” (meaning our tiny RV- think Chevy Express Van conversion – Class B RV) is something that upset him about the weather along with the the fact that most of the places we go are outside and activities are curtailed if it rains – for example, if half of the vendors don’t come to the farmer’s market due to the weather and one is traveling 3.5hrs plus each way, and spending $50 in tolls (plus gas) to go to the farmer’s market, he figures it not the worth the trip.

    We were down in Lancaster, PA a couple of years ago in a different campground than we normally go to and heavy rain had not really been forecast. The campground had given us a space that seemingly had been cut into a very large mound/very small hill and the space had been lined with huge rocks – we guess to hold back what it was cut into. As we drove back to the campground the first night there was a major storm warning on the radio – the sort where they sound the alert tones and worst of all, we did not know what township we were in and if we were affected. He is a panicker as I have mentioned and the entire situation had him upset. We have to back into the RV space and be in the right place for level (we have no built in levelers) as well as to set up the electric and cable/satellite wires to the RV. He backs in and I guide him (with walkies-talkies) to where we marked off (on first arrival at the spot) we need to be. In this case it started raining while I was out and we had to make sure not to hit the huge rocks (small boulders?) surrounding the space on 3 sides as we would damage the RV. We managed to get lined up where we needed to be and get the two lines hooked up just before the worst of the storm came in – we had been at the point that I was thinking it was time to just leave it and head for the bathroom building.

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