1. Supposedly they’re not in the North/South Atlantic/Pacific Ocean, but in purgatory, or limbo, or in the (very wide) river Styx, or some other such religious/mythological realm.

  2. It’s possibly a reference to the TV show Lost???There’s some speculation as to where the Island actually is or if the survivors are actually dead?

    But maybe not…

  3. I don’t know about Lost, never saw it. I think Andréa is right that it’s just good news/bad news. There was a TV movie back in the early to mid 70s about a bunch of people in some sort of tropical setting and it ultimately turns out they’re dead and in hell or purgatory. So it’s not like Lost broke any new ground or anything.

  4. “I thought it was a very straightforward Charles Addamsy gag until I saw that first panel.”

    They were lost on a desert island. Now they know that that island is in the river Styx.

    As I’ve mentioned before, whatever is above the large text should be read before the comic; whatever is below (as in this case) should be read after.

  5. @CaroZ: Wow, I’m pretty sure that’s the one. That’s quite a cast, too: Ed Asner, Cloris Leachman, Anne Francis, Robert Reed, Lloyd Bridges. Scratch another one off my “Did I really see that?” list. I think all that’s left is a weird animated special where a talking boulder accompanies a kid underground and explains geology.

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