1. I got all the references, but I dislike the comic. You can put in all the stars you want, but four moons are too many.

    Yes, I’m just that nitpicky.

  2. Fare fewer than I think people would expect of a geezer nerd like me. Only about half.

    Don’t think a geezer tag is required as many of them are new.

    (For what it’s worth I don’t know: Black Hole Sun, I assume “Shooting Star” is not a reference to the Chris Williamson song so I guess I should put that down, umm… Lucky Star?? [I can’t come up with an actual song for that], Venus and Mars [I assume the reference to Venus wasn’t actually a reference but a set up to the Venus and Mars joke], Plane Clair, Space Junk, Blister in the Sun, 2000 lightyears from home.)

    (This is a serious blow to my trivia cred… but then again I’ve always acknowledged that Popular music is a big emptiness for me.)

  3. “You can put in all the stars you want, but four moons are too many. Yes, I’m just that nitpicky.”

    They could have had one moon with 4 arrows pointing to it for all the things. And there are two suns. Now one can argue every star is a “sun” but if so you must concede any moon is a moon.

    But no, I don’t consider that nitpicky at all.

  4. @Woozy-

    At least two different songs named “Venus”- the song by Shocking Blue was a #1 hit in 1969 and Frankie Avalon’s 1959 song as hit #1.

  5. I guess I’m a geezer, since the ones I didn’t know were “Drops of Jupiter” (Train, who I’ve never even heard of), “Space Junk” (Wang Chung, I only know their big hit), and “Champagne Supernova” (Oasis, ditto). Also I’ve heard of “Black Hole Sun”, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it.

    @woozy: “Shooting Star” is Bad Company. Based on the ones you know, I’d think you would know them. “2000 Light Years from Home” is a deep cut, but it’s the Stones.

  6. Only five known here to the extent that I can remember lyrics (or some of them) and tune (insofar as my rather tonedeaf memory can remember that sort of thing). Another five or so I recognize as titles of songs, but of songs that I don’t think I’ve every actually heard.

    I’m admittedly a geezer, and I suspect the ones I don’t know are ones after I stopped listening to or paying any but cursory attention to the existence of contemporary popular music. (I’m much better on a lot of stuff from before I was born or old enough to care, since these days I listen to a lot of old time radio shows, many of which feature music of their days.)

  7. I understood what the joke was supposed to be from the ones I recognized, but that was just six songs (using the “known lyrics” condition), and two other vaguely familiar titles for which I knew no lyrics at all.

  8. If anybody’s looking for an amusing though NSFW song on the subject, I suggest The Astronomer by Vermillion Lies.

  9. DemetriosX, I only know Drops of Jupiter because I was making a trivia music round based on trains and a trivia music round based on planets. And Champagne Supernova has come up as trivia question twice in the last year.

    I think the knowing lyrics is too strict. All that matters is recognizing the reference. But if I went on lyrics I know very few. I’ll have to toss out Drops of Jupiter, Champagne SuperNova, and Man on the Moon. Dark Side of the Moon and Bad Moon Rising are iffy. (I’m pretty sure DS of the M must have more lyrics to “I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon” and I doubt the lyrics to BMR are “Don’t go out tonight; It’s sure to make your wife– There’s a Bathroom on the Right”)

    So I’m at 7 now.

    ” From the score of “Hair” to Fiona Apple.”

    Are you counting Across the Universe as Fiona Apple or is the another one for her?

  10. “Dark Side of the Moon” is an album. “I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon” is a lyric from the album’s song “Brain Damage”.
    Weird synchronicity for me: we were playing “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” at work today (don’t ask), and there were only ten songs, one of which was “Drops of Jupiter”, first time I ever heard that song’s name.
    (This whole week was a bunch of little trivia synchronicities, but that’s a tale for another dialogue box…)

  11. I didn’t know “Venus and Mars”. I actually prefer the Alanis Morisette acoustic version of “Black Hole Sun”, but I might be one of 2 people on the planet who feel that way.

  12. ‘The cartoonist missed “Space Truckin'” by Deep Purple, and “Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath.

  13. ““Across the Universe” by Fiona Apple. Is there another musical reference it could be?”

    That’s a cover of one of me favorite Beatles Song. I think the Fiona Apple cover is lovely. But it is a cover.

  14. You have *no* idea how rare it is for me when I know something about popular music than … anyone. It almost never happens.

    This is lovely too:

  15. Blister in the Sun was a Violent Femmes song from the 80s. It was big in the dance clubs when I was in college. Lucky Star was a Madonna song, also I think from the 80s.

  16. Yeah, I think knowing lyrics might be a little restrictive. “Man on the Moon” is a song I would recognize instantly if I heard it, but after about 5 minutes of wracking my brain the only line I could come up with was “Andy, did you hear about Elvis.” And I think of Venus and Mars more as the album than the very brief song.

    @lazarusjohn: “I’ll see you on the dark side of the Moon” is from “Eclipse” not “Brain Damage”, but otherwise, you are correct.

  17. @DemetriosX: The phrase occurs twice in “Brain Damage”: e.g. “And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes / I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.”
    “Eclipse” is the one that starts, “All that you touch / And all that you see” and ends with “but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.”
    I mainly know this because DSOTM was the first LP I ever bought myself and I practically wore out my turntable on it.

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