1. It’s Perry Bible Fellowship. It thinks subverting tropes is enough. Fineas wasn’t understood and didn’t save the day. That’s all.

  2. Years ago, there was a Garfield cartoon where Garfield was watching a “Lassie” episode on TV.

    From the TV you hear barking from Lassie, and the dad saying, “What’s that, Lassie? Timmy is in trouble? Timmy fell down the well? Let’s go rescue him!”

    Breaking the fourth wall, Garfield looks straight at the reader and says/thinks, “Lassie is saying that she wants a pizza.”

    (I’d post a link to it if I could find one.)

    Basically, Garfield, being an animal, can understand “dog,” and knows that Lassie isn’t informing Pa about Timmy, but is actually requesting pizza. But in the spirit of the show, Pa somehow understands a whole lot simply from listening to Lassie’s barking, which is rather unrealistic, if you think about it.

    This PBF cartoon ends with Pa (or “Paw”) misinterpreting Lassie’s (or “Finneas'”) intentions, and coming to the much more common conclusion of assuming that the dog is hungry.

  3. It’s not just that Finneas wasn’t understood and didn’t save the day. It’s that once Finneas is offered food, he forgets all about faux-Timmy, and is satisfied with his food. This worked for me.

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