1. It’s funny, don’t you see? All you have to do to be funny is to mention nose hairs. I can’t stop … laughing. Honest! Have I ever lied to you?

  2. Bill, it depends on the beard. I agree with you about a full beard. I’m not sure how much maintenance is needed, though, for well-sculpted beards such as vandykes (which, according to my handiest dictionary is one word, lower case).

  3. My full beard takes very little maintenance. I like low-maintenance things.

    The joke is an old formula. “George Washington is dead? I didn’t even know he was sick.” “Become an accountant? I can’t even account for myself.” “Me an artist? I can’t even draw unemployment.”

  4. Having had a full beard since 1978 I like to flaunt all the extra hours of sleep I’ve enjoyed over the past 40+ years because of not having to shave every morning. Neener neener.

  5. In or around 1980, when I first met Hubby, I saw what a terrible condition his skin would be in after shaving. I encouraged him to grow a beard, and he’s had it ever since, albeit cut short for his dive trips. He now looks like Santa Claus; kids come up and talk to him, people in airports want selfies with him . . . he tells the kids that Santa, too, takes vacations.

  6. Folks are right about time served or saved with the shave. For me it is the dividing line between asleep and awake. I see some ugly guy put a razor to my throat and boy howdy that wakes me up.

  7. Andréa, it’s been a while since my last dive trip, but I think I only had to shave the mustache for a good seal; I know I didn’t shave the beard. (I think someone said some kind of goop on the mustache would also have worked.)

  8. “It takes far less time to keep a beard trimmed than it does to shave every day”


  9. The guy I dated in high school had a beard. My parents thought it funny – he was trying to look like a hippie, but he looked like a rabbinical scholar. (

  10. Similarly, <etyl, I had a beard in college and my grandfather was upset with me when I shaved it off, because he liked the fact that I looked like a rabbi.

  11. Some guys have a harder time growing a beard than others. I see how this can be confusing. My ex had a huge neckbeard that grew like a weed and preferred to grow it out versus shave it. Eventually he stopped cutting it. Other guys have a hard time growing beards to begin with.

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