1. I know that it’s correct, but doesn’t the word ‘sprung’ look weird here?

    I see this entire comic as hyperbole; everyone he knew probably told him how GREAT the ocean view is; once he got the room with the ocean view, the people there are saying what an AMAZING parking lot there is and he should’ve gotten a room with a parking lot view.

    And we all KNOW there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘AMAZING parking lot’.

  2. Usually the complaint is, “I paid a bundle to stay at the Ocean Side hotel, and all I can see out my window is the parking lot!”

  3. “Because people always look for something to complain about??”

    I think that’s most of it. But maybe it’s also that people no longer are capable of evaluating whether they actually enjoy things but have to be told whether something is enjoyable. The guy has a fantastic ocean view but is being told he should want the parking lot view.

  4. Or “I paid a bundle for an ocean view, and I can’t see anything out of my window!”

    “It’s night, sir.”

  5. “Aw, this is just the Pacific Ocean, and I’ve seen that one before! Boooooring! I was hoping they’d replaced it with the Indian or the Arctic or something new and different when the remodeled last month, but Noooo. . . . Meanwhile, I’m missing out on a view of the only “Clothes Optional” parking lot in the county!”

  6. sprang – past of spring

    sprung – past and past participle of spring

    So, there is a choice and I’d’ve used sprang.

  7. @Andréa
    I sprang.
    I have sprung.

    I agree. Sprang is better.
    Now both words just look weird to me.

  8. Isn’t that just the way?

    And I HAD sprung would be the past perfect.

    I have issues with ‘Honey, I SHRANK the kids’ vs ‘Honey, I SHRUNK the kids’. (I’d have issues with anyone actually shrinking kids, but that’s another thread).

  9. Heh. I should post this comic in other forum threads where people are constantly kvetching despite how good things are in general.

    As a car guy, though, I have to wonder what’s parked in the parking lot that I’m missing.

  10. If there is a lot of breaking and entering and theft in the parking lot, I suppose it can be mildly entertaining to watch all night long, but hardly amazing.

  11. @ MiB – I think the “entertaining” activity doesn’t involve thefts, but rather consensual commercial transactions.

  12. Sometimes you just have to go with an improper version of a word. “Am not too proud to beg” would not have had the same ring to it as the classic song.

  13. Ironically, I saw the same usage of the same word in a book last night. Still seemed weird, but this time, I knew it was correct.

  14. ‘ “Am not too proud to beg” would not have had the same ring to it as the classic song.’

    A classic song . . . I never heard of . . . ?

  15. Kilby, how entertaining the commercial transaction would be to watch depends on whether the product purchased is a good or a service.

  16. So, is someone monitoring our comments, other than CIDU Bill?


    What is the difference between shrank and shrunk?
    All usage manuals consider shrank the preferred or exclusive past tense of shrink, shrunk being the past participle.” … The past participle is the form of the verb used in the present perfect tense, which shows action completed at the time of speaking: “He has shrunk and has sunk.”

    . . . and then . . . https://www.nytimes.com/1995/07/16/magazine/on-language-how-shrunk-snuck-in.html

  17. If one pays a premium for an ocean view – one should not have just a view of the parking lot – unless it is covered with water.

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