1. Michelangelo originally planned a painting with just God reaching out towards the earth. He made a mistake, and put an accidental brown blob down. But it’s not really a mistake, it’s a happy little accident, because it gives him the idea of painting a man there too.

  2. But Adam is already there, looking over Michelangelo’s shoulder. I suppose it is supposed to be a blotch, rather than just the brush. But it is hard to see what the point is… maybe it gave him the idea to put Adam’s finger there and create the almost-touching sparkly tension.

    It’s odd that the cartoonist seems to have drawn some of the age-related cracks on what is presumably supposed to be brand-new intonaco that the ancient artist would have had applied that morning.

  3. “A Bob Ross joke?” “A Bob Ross reference. Like Bill, I don’t see the joke.”

    On the Internet culture a Bob Ross reference *IS* a Bob Ross joke.

  4. I remember seeing “The Agony And The Ecstasy” when it came out. In one scene, Michelangelo had large rolls of paper which proved to be drawings of people with perforations that enabled him to recreate the character outlines by a connect-the-dots operation. I don’t picture him as any kind of Bob Ross disciple, so maybe that’s the joke.

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