1. Kilby, I made up those two first names. No pun involved. The comic strip would be Elray & Maryan and the award would be the Elray award.

  2. “According to snopes, KFC claimed that “fried” was the reason, but the real reason was a trademark suit from the State of Kentucky.”

    The state of Kentucky wouldn’t have grounds for a suit.
    As I recall, the shift from “Kentucky Fried Chicken” to “KFC” coincided with introduction of baked and grilled chicken to appeal to health-conscious patrons. They were already commonly called “KFC” before they adopted it as their trademark. Co-opting what the public is calling your business is just smart marketing.

  3. @ JP – “Kentucky wouldn’t have grounds for a suit…
    The state trademarked the name in 1990, see the Snopes link that Winter Wallaby posted at the bottom of the previous page.

  4. Kilby and WW: you’ve both been had, as has anyone who relied on your authority. The snopes page referred to was in fact a dubious purposely false snopes article, designed to teach you the value of not blindly trusting authority. A questionable exercise, given the current troubles snopes is having, and doubly dubious in my mind given the amount of crap and spam littering the snopes page — they should clean up the page and make obvious links to reference sections, NOT add purposely false articles!

    Anyway, if you click on the very lacking citations section for that page referenced by WW, you get not citations, but a very chatty, verbose article, that if you bother to read through eventually clarifies that the state of Kentucky did no such thing, along with a bunch of other false articles not being true. Very, very poorly done.


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