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  1. Do you think that’s a real iguana in his pics?

    I agree – who wants to buy a 12-pack, if you could even find that. I’m not a soda fan, so one can would do me for the year.

  2. I have yet to receive an aroma-liquefier from the government, let alone one each year. I demand an investigation.

  3. @ B.A. – Adam Huber did in fact post a corrected Bug Martini the very next day, but I didn’t notice it until now, because my browser was still displaying the cached (incorrect) version:

  4. Bill, I just saw your cry for help — can you point on this picture of Charlie Brown exactly where the Internet touched you?

  5. Things that bother me about Mutt and Jeff:
    — Although Mutt is married, he shares a bedroom and sometimes a bed with Jeff.
    — Married man Mutt and bachelor Jeff both chase girls.
    — Mutt’s son looks exactly like Jeff with a shave.

  6. Minor Annoyance, all three things fit together: there’s only one bed and on the nights Mutt’s out chasing woman, it’s Jeff and Mrs. Mutt sharing it.

  7. That’s true, James, but it’s gratuitously specific for the rest of us.

    Of course it’s not as if Mallett has a habit of excessive name-checking…

  8. @ XKCD fans – Last night I was lucky enough to be able to see Randall Monroe’s presentation at a university in downtown Berlin. It was a very enjoyable evening, with a lot of amusing anecdotes, but it was a little shorter than I had hoped. The most amazing detail was the price of the tickets: €0.00 ! (Apparently it was financed entirely through sales of the German edition of “How To?“.) Presigned and freshly signed copies were available in abundance (€16.00), we waited about 30 minutes in line so that a friend of mine could buy a pre-signed copy (I declined, because the English version was no longer available. The translations are OK, but I prefer the originals).

  9. @ Andréa – Check out the XKCD website. The notice about the Berlin event showed up for me, but the page is set to identify the IP (not only did it mention the appearance, it did so in German). I know that I saw other listings, but I can’t find them right now.

  10. @ Andréa – The list wasn’t on the XKCD site, there was just a link from there to it (I think it was the publisher’s page). A new general search turned up absolutely nothing of value, and a lot of spooky garbage, so I have no idea whether there are any more appearances planned.

  11. @ Andréa – One site claimed (without any proof, nor any indication that he was actually affiliated with the site) that his speaking fee was 30 to 50 grand (which is obviously hogwash, or the tickets for last night’s show would have cost €50 to €100)

  12. A “speaker’s fee” doesn’t necessarily represent what a person gets every time they make a personal appearance. If they call you wanting to make an appearance, the rules are different. But if you call them trying to get on their schedule, it’ll tell you about what to budget.

  13. @ B.A. – Not only was WordPress unable to parse the image, the link did not work. Yet another argument for submitting comics to Bill, instead of posting them here.

  14. Kilby, I do send them to Bill when they fall into specific categories. But when they don’t, they’re “random comments” and I stand by their randomness.

    Of course now I’m going to have to find this and send it to Bill after all.

  15. The big news in our family today is that our son-in-law, Luke Kruger-Howard, has a cartoon published in the Nov 4 issue of the New Yorker – his first.

    This isn’t my favorite cartoon of the ones he’s submitted, but hey, I’m not going to second-guess the New Yorker cartoon editor.

    However, as we spread the joyful news today, we’re discovering that this is a CIDU to many – evidently Terry Gross isn’t as well-known as we thought.

    Link to cartoon below.

  16. I’m not going to name names here. because I know the rules, but…

    Once a comic strip starts focusing more and more on minutia only the artist’s friends will understand, shouldn’t it migrate over to his personal CompuServe page?

  17. Gahan Wilson has died. Here is a note posted by his stepson Paul Winters:

    ” Gahan Wilson

    2/18/1930 – 11/21/2019

    The world has lost a legend. One of the very best cartoonists to ever pick up a pen and paper has passed on. He went peacefully – surrounded by those who loved him.

    Gahan Wilson leaves behind a large body of work that is finely drawn, elegant, and provocative. “

  18. Well, that puts an end to his stepson’s raising money on gofundme to ‘support’ Gahan Wilson, but was actually to buy a ranch to them.

    Mr. Wilson suffered from dementia; it seems to afflict creative minds (or at least, we learn about it more often), such as Sir Terry Pratchett, Peter Falk. Tim Conway, et al.

    If only more money was put into dementia research . . .

  19. Gosh! I didn’t know there had been questions raised about that fund-raising campaign. That’s a bit shocking to learn in retrospect.

    In any case, I hope we all who have seen his work over the decades can join in remembering them as special.

  20. The Arlo Page has a nice Peter Arno drawing as most recent post. But it somewhat mysteriously is called “Bonus LOL: December 1, 2019” which was not the date when it posted (on Nov 27) nor today (Nov 28). So is that a reference to something about it? I don’t see what it might be.

    Also, though I may have just missed the post here on CIDU-proper, it seems to violate the note that “Please note that nothing will appear here without a link from the main site.” .

  21. Mitch4, my guess is that Bill preloaded that page, and the link from the main page will appear on December 1. You weren’t supposed to peek before the proper time to open the presents.

  22. A Thanksgiving gag I contrived years ago for an illustrated place card, and think nobody else has hit upon yet. The visual is a pilgrim couple in a pillory. The woman says, “Next time you give thanks, keep it general and leave my name out of it!”

  23. For those seeking a definition of Geezer: The tipping point is when you switch from fudging about how far back you remember reading the funnies to quoting Nixon-era “Doonesbury” strips.

  24. Even more especially when The Family Circus is almost always up at the top of a comics layout, so he’s not even gonna be pointing in the right direction….

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