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  1. Mitch, this reminds me of a special thing they did in my sons’ high school (when they were in 9th grade, think): they assigned a novel for the students AND one parent to read separately, and then one afternoon everybody met in the classroom to discuss it together.

  2. You can also type search criteria into the search window on this very page.

    You can, but my experience with that has been less than successful. The last few times I tried to find a particular post that failed and I had to use the site search from a search engine.

  3. In another thread, Andréa said, “And just an aside: The Knight Life will no longer be published.”

    That explains why it hasn’t been updated since Sunday. A search doesn’t show me any indication that it’s officially over. Can anyone give me a link to such? (I only discovered it a couple of years ago.)

  4. I’m a patreon, so today Keith Knight posted

    My final Knight Life strip!

    What a way to go! After a decade of not being read by anyone under fifty years old, I’ve decided to lay my daily syndicated strip to rest.

    I had to. Nine deadlines a week were killing me. The addition of writing for a TV show would’ve broken me.

    I considered having folks cover me for four months, but then I watched this motivational video by the Rock, and decided to quit right then and there.

    The good thing is, Life’s Little Victories will return to the K Chronicles as a regular feature, instead of as a regular Sunday feature of the Knight Life. Send some vics my way, will ya?

  5. Andréa, thank you.

    I’ll have to consider whether to work my way through the strips from before I started reading and/or read the K Chronicles (which I hadn’t heard of before).

    A couple of years ago, Edge City also ended, though I would have been happy to have it keep going. They, though, announced in the strip that it was coming to an end and had about a month of coda.

    It would have been nice if Gocomics had an indication that the Knight Life had ended.

  6. You could buy his books, thereby supporting him. That’s what I’ve done.

    His last few strips were leading up to this, unbeknownst to any readers, however.

  7. Andréa, good point. I’ll take a look at what’s out there in print.

    And yes, now that I know the strip is over, I see several strips over the last couple of weeks pointing to it, especially the last non-Sunday one.

  8. B.A.: Why? Assuming Arlo and Janis are honest and open enough in their relationship to not carry any baggage about what went on before they met each other, Arlo doesn’t care; so if you meant it was stupid to incriminate herself in front of Arlo, she knows he doesn’t care, so why self-censor? And otherwise, I don’t understand why you’d say it was stupid: it’s wonderfully ambiguous, so we don’t know exactly why it would have been worse if Joey Greene were posting, but it makes for a wonderful punch line, especially with that fourth panel. Maybe she doesn’t like Joey Greene, and thinks it would look bad on her to to been seen giving him hickeys as opposed to Freddy Baxter, who at least is seen as OK; maybe she did something much more notable with Joey Greene for his “first”… Whatever the case, she’s not ashamed about it, only embarrassed to have it come up this way, and obviously not embarrassed in front of Arlo — so I just fail to see how it is stupid to talk about it.

  9. He’s grinning in the first panel, so even if it is news that Freddy got his first hickey from Janis, it clearly doesn’t bother him; beyond that, we don’t know what she did or didn’t do to Joey, and that’s reason enough for the blank expectation look from Arlo — did she give Joey his first hickey? Did she give him his first something else? Did she do nothing to Joey, she just doesn’t like him, and is glad that he isn’t the one she’s connected with in these revelations?
    As I said, I don’t think Arlo cares: he’s clearly amused by the first situation. Would he care if yet another guy got his first hickey from Janis? I doubt it. Would he care if this other guy got his first something else from Janis? I doubt it. (Was he living under the delusion that Janis had no lovers before him? I doubt it.) And like I mentioned, this also may be a case of Janis-logic, that she did nothing with Joey, she just prefers Freddy to Joey, so good thing she did nothing to Joey that he could then write about. Arlo knows Janis, and knows that this, too, is on the table as a possibility, hence the blank expectant look, but does he care, as in stupidest thing to say ever, which it is? I highly, highly doubt it….

  10. I clicked on the cartoon to see a bigger version, just to be sure, but no, I don’t think he looks flabbergasted; expectant, mildly perplexed (for reasons I outline above), but not flabbergasted, shocked, or anything else to suggest he is outraged at Janis; just curious as to what she meant.

  11. It looks to me like he’s expecting to hear WHY it’s fortunate that ol’ Joey isn’t the topic, and isn’t getting an answer (considering that he laughed at the Freddy situation, it’s not entirely surprising that she isn’t immediately forthcoming, even if there isn’t a secret she would keep from her husband in there.

  12. Okay, first of all, this seems disconcertingly like something Adam Huber would draw to show the marriage counselor.
    And second, using “you’re” should be automatic grounds for divorce.

  13. @ B.A. – Third of all, this comic should have been sent to Bill via e-mail, so we could all slice and dice it in a separate thread. As it says above: “if you want to send…a CIDU, or a comic for some specific folder (Ewww, Oy, etc), or you want to inform me of a typo, please e-mail …”
    And fourth, Adam is almost as famous for his typos as Bill is. As soon as someone mentions them in a comment, he usually fixes the artwort.

  14. @ B.A. – Then it’s high time we asked Bill to create a new category: how about “Gripes” ?
    P.S. I didn’t figure out your “marriage counseling” joke until I looked at it again: now that first panel seems funnier than the rest of the strip, and almost worthy of an ArLOL nomination.

  15. “. . . he usually fixes the artwort.”

    I actually LIKE that word.

    And, if they have a daughter, their VENN diagram must’ve touched a little bit more than ‘barely’

  16. P.S. @ Andréa – I do not know how I did that: the T is three and a half keys away from the K, and I cannot blame Autocorrect, because I always disable it.

  17. I just finished up The Great Typo Hunt. Not surprisingly, apostrophes are a major source of the errors they found. The guys were delighted with one shop owner’s fix to her sign. They also learned an important lesson about fixing an apostrophe error on a sign without permission.

    To bring things around to the theme of the site:

  18. @ WW – That “quote mark” blog could have had a whole section on “Mutts” (I even looked, but it didn’t). Back when McDonnell was still hand-lettering the strip, he had the annoying habit of using quotes for “emphasis”. Now that he has switched to a computer font, he does the same thing with bold, but he tends to apply it to the wrong word.

  19. FYI: The reruns of Ink Pen have cycled around to the “going out of business” thread. Presumably, the strip will then start over from the beginning at GoComics. Both events are sure to be worth (re-)reading.

  20. I’m just trying to figure out if she has both arms in one sleeve. Looks like two hands gripping the suitcase.

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