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  1. Bill, I think Kilby is suggesting that the link be added as part of your text starting, “Please note that this is intended….”

  2. The email updates service apparently abhor a vacuum in the post title, and supply the number if there isn’t one posted. The one from Saturday June 29 featuring a Barney & Clyde and a Mother Goose & Grim was called “5770” in email but nothing at all (yet) in the website visible feed.

  3. @ CIDU Bill – Arthur’s answer was almost perfect: I wouldn’t put it into that paragraph, but into a new paragraph right before the line that says “The All-Old Random Comments Page is …“.

  4. Old enough to remember buying MAD at the Rexall Drug Store, looking for a copy where somebody hadn’t tried to do the fold-in.

  5. Our library was the only one in the entire school district to subscribe to MAD for over 30 years. And all the issues were tossed by the new librarian.

  6. That’s why I retired on my birthday that same year, the soonest I could. Within a year or two, the school’s library was gone . . . what my boss and I had spent 30 years building up as an integral part of the school.

  7. I thought there was an entry within the last week with *no* comments. I was going to comment on it just to bring it to the “recent comments” list. I also didn’t understand it, and I was hoping someone else could explain it.

    But I can’t find it. It has to have been no earlier than the sixth because it was about the 7/6 Baldo:

  8. @ Arthur – No, you are not dreaming, that comic was there before, but it has since disappeared. Bill must have noticed that the CIDU readership was unanimous in not having anything to explain the comic. I’m not sure why he deleted the post, perhaps he’s planning on trying again later.

  9. Thank dog I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find it . . . my only question on it was . . . was the car ALWAYS that reduced? Or did someone steal the tires, too? BUT, I didn’t actually care enough at the time to post – I really do not like this comic strip.

  10. @ Andréa & Arthur – Bill ressurrected the “Car Courage” thread. It still doesn’t have any comments, but I’m not brave enough to be the first.

  11. re “Car Courage,” take two, I started to put in a snarky comment there about how I thought we had exhausted the topic the first time around, but then changed my mind, since it seemed funnier to see if we can all manage to ignore it this time too.

  12. No great mystery: since there were zero comments, I though it might have gotten lost in the shuffle or perhaps hadn’t uploaded properly.

    Or, of course, nobody cared about it. But I figured I’d give it another shot anyway.

  13. Bill, not that nobody cared, but that nobody had anything worthwhile to say in explanation.

  14. In my case, I only check LarK’s scrape page. So I don’t see any that don’t have comments yet. I didn’t realize any escaped commentary completely.

  15. “Today’s quiz: what’s the normal amount of time between a kitchen being damaged by a leaking pipe and that kitchen being fully repaired?”

    “I’ll get back to you on Tuesday.” Of course, there’s no telling *which* Tuesday.

    This doesn’t sound like a hypothetical question. I wish you good luck and quick service.

  16. Bad news: the “” site seems to have been hit with a “cease and desist” order, the preview functionality (which was the primary advantage of the site) has been removed. The site now displays the following warning:
    The preview functionality has been removed to avoid copyright infringement.
    If you used this site because you prefered its interface compared to gocomics, perhaps try
    Unfortunately, there are watermarks, so it’s not a complete win.

  17. An hour after I dropped Hubby off at the airport for his week diving in Belize, on 8 June, monsoon season began. As did a leak in the roof above a bathroom. It’s now 13 July, and all that’s happened so far has been: rain, leaks, rain, a looksee and estimate, rain, leaks, a contract signing, rain, leaks, growing mold, rotting wood (hello, termites!), and rain, ad infinitum . . . I’m waiting to hear a loud CRASH, which means that now the entire ceiling’s come down.

    Roofing companies are so far behind in their workload because of the continuous rain (yes, it’s RAINY season; no one expected the Spanish Inquisition, I mean, MONSOON season). I’m just thankful we no longer live in a one-bathroom house.

  18. Monday morning database problems. Happens. It’s usually corrected by the time I get up and check.

  19. [“my only question on it was . . . was the car ALWAYS that reduced? Or did someone steal the tires, too?”]

    Funnily enough, my impression (without actually looking) was that the artwork for the car had been reused from a previous strip. Not only is the tire missing, but so is half of the front suspension. Rather important bits that don’t wander off for no reason. Weird stuff happens to project cars, but that grabbed my eye.

  20. Incomplete synchronicity …

    I saw this exact joke in another comic recently, but now have no idea where. (I don’t think it was in CIDU, but maybe?) And if it was on a Thursday, maybe that means it was a week ago — but for such a specific joke that shouldn’t entirely cancel the synchronicity.

    Anybody recognize it?

  21. I, too, saw a ThrowBACK Thursday joke recently . . . just so you know you’re not imagining it. However, no idea anymore where, and now that GoComics no longer has rss, it’s too much work to look it up . . .

  22. Have you noticed that the links are taking us to the correct place, even though it’s on the second page? OTOH, it’s depressing that this is remarkable.

  23. Some things are better left unresearched. Since Throwback Thursday is an Internet meme with its own hashtag and Wikipedia page, it’s simply impossible to find an isolated (recent) comic on the subject. There’s too much spurious garbage floating around, and this nonsense has been going on for at least four years, as this Rubes (from 14-May-2015) shows:

  24. P.S. I stand retroactively corrected. Not impossible, but one has to have additional information to weed out the junk.

  25. Kilby, I wouldn’t have been able to find it except that it’s only a week old, and it’s part of my daily feed.

  26. @ Arthur – For me, the search produced one extremely valuable result: I finally discovered an app that permits viewing the page source on a mobile phone (or tablet), making it possible to extract the image URL from a GoComics page without having to use a desktop machine.

  27. Funnily enough, my impression (without actually looking) was that the artwork for the car had been reused from a previous strip.

    There are a couple of standard views of the car. Oddly, this side-view seems to be a different year than the first.appearance. His father first presented the car on 4/20/2019. On 4/22, the first side-view was shown, missing all the same parts. Commenters complain about the cement blocks being oriented in dangerous fashion.

  28. Me, too.

    If you put throw ‘back thursday comics’ in google, that would narrow down your search. The one w/the fish (and many others) came up for me, but NOT the one Arthur found and we remember.

  29. @ Andréa – That just happens to be exactly the search string I used to find the Rubes with the fish.
    P.S. I’m not at all surprised that the bot crawlers have not yet indexed last week’s comics.

  30. @ Mitch4 – The “Post-It note” thread is located here.
    P.S. @ Bill – Another minor defect in this template is that the site search is hidden down below the 15 most recent comments, instead of underneath the “Home” and “Your Random Comments” entries. Yes, I know you probably can’t fix that, but I thought it could go on the wish list.

  31. @ CIDU Bill – Well, that wasn’t the location that I expected, but the search field is certainly more useful up at the top than it is buried under everything else. Thanks!

  32. I was expecting a “sideways” shift (to become the fifth item on the “main menu”), but I figured that might be hard, because of the difficulty impossibility of editing the “random comments” link in that list.

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