1. I don’t think I saw it settled, the previous time, if these are “little people” and the box and contents are normal sized. (I did see it suggested, but not confirmed or dismissed.) I would agree with that reading.

  2. The Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE had an article today on local donut shops, among them one which sells a “Texas donut” which is five times the size of a “normal” one, and sells for $5. Another shop offers a hamburger sandwich with two sturdy (I presume) donuts serving as the bun part. So, I was hungry for donuts already, and now it’s worse . . . thanks a lot.

    However, the treats in the box here look like chocolate candies rather than donuts to me, especially since the writing on the sides of the box seems to suggest “Whitman,” a big name in the boxed chocolate world.

  3. They’re not candy or cakes. They’re hats. He would like to try them all on, until he has a giant stack on top of his head, but he doesn’t want to appear greedy. His mother will continue to insist that he take another, as she knows what makes him happy.

  4. @Shrug — Annnnnd I’d forgotten we went through this a few weeks ago already. I guess I’m the only one who thought there was an implication they were donuts (rather than either cupcakes or candy), just because I knew tomorrow was National DonutDay and I apparently assumed that’s why Bill had posted the panel.

    Hats hadn’t occured to me. We could be looking at a sweet new sequel to BARTOLOMEW CUBBINS here.

  5. It reminds me of mooncakes… but instead of making the large small to save calories and have an individual serving it’s vice versa.

  6. That sure looks like a Whitman sampler to me.

    I don’t actually like donuts, so I’d rather they were those. (And I just got two $10 Dunkin gift cards in the mail, too.)

  7. “The Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE had an article today on local donut shops, among them one which sells a ‘Texas donut’”

    This was a thing you could buy in my youth, although a long way away from either Minneapolis OR Texas.

  8. Maybe they are petits-fours, although given their size they must be grands-fours.

  9. When we lived in WI, the coffee shop – called Common Grounds – was a popular gathering place; it was on the harbor, had outside seating, etc. However, NO WIFI . . . for this very reason . . .

  10. It does seem to have a bit of the W from Whitman’s on it and sort of matches the colors of the box. (The sampler used for the boxes is in the Philadelphia art museum along with the rest of the Whitman -needlework – sampler collection.)

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