1. These are good, but I feel like This is Priceless is getting too wordy with the faux-titles. Simply Anchor Management might have been better.

  2. Yes, I didn’t even get the “anger management” pun until Powers shortened the title to the essentials: too much extraneous guff in the original wording (and possibly also because “anchor” and “management” are on separate lines).

  3. I didn’t get a pun on “anger management” until Powers pointed it out either, but I still found the cartoon funny, as “anchor management” sounded like a clever idea for a subject that some 19th century seaside-based school might actually teach.

    Not sure if it would be a tough course which was a prerequisite for a Whaleship Specialist degree, or if it would be a famously easy goof-off course like the ‘Underwater Basket Weaving’ classes of my tudent days legend.

  4. I didn’t get the Priceless at first either, and was actually composing a response to Andrea confessing to this. Then it hit me.

    I kind of like the fact that we have to work for it a bit: sometimes “oy” works best when it takes a moment.

  5. Why does the grinning guy in Scott Hilburn’s comic need what seems to be rectangular pillar to hold up his junk?

    Seriously, it’s right in front of him, at just that height ….

  6. @ Powers – I thought that the wordiness of Melcher’s titles played on flowery expressions of the 19th century, but when I reviewed a list of Winslow Homer’s paintings, I didn’t see anything longer than six words, and Melcher’s average seems to be nearly double that.

  7. I got the “anchor management” right away, and I think the long titles are funny.

  8. They can be funny, but this one seemed to go too far. Maybe something like Boy Practicing Anchor Management would more resemble typical 19th-century painting titles while avoiding both excessive verbosity and excessive brevity.

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