1. Rats and mazes are used for testing memory and learning abilities. I think these two are trying to cheat by calling one of their phones that they sneakily left at home base and just running towards the ringing. Maybe.

  2. No phones during exams

    Also she reprogrammed her phone so it emits the scent of cheese instead of ringing so that it doesn’t alert cats to her vicinity.

  3. Addendum: I guess the joke is meant to connect with people who have lost their phones and asked a friend to call it so they could find it more easily. The rats have found a different way of employing this technique. Perhaps.

  4. Don’t overthink it. These rodents are simply in their home (which is a maze), so that the one on the right is understandably having a little more trouble finding the misplaced mobile phone. Unlike in a normal home, the increased linear distance to the phone renders its ringing inaudible, so the standard “call it” solution does not work.

  5. When I forget where I’ve put down my phone, I ask Hubby to call me. Then I remember that I have it on silent 99% of the time. Oh well – I’ll come across it sometime today – or tomorrow. Or not. As most calls are nuisance calls, I don’t really care. When one of us is out and about, however, I have it with me and on LOUD, just in case.

  6. I’m not really into the Apple universe enough to be sure about this, but I think there are “find my iPhone” utilities you can run on your other Apple devices (if it has been enrolled in advance). I think it does depend on the phone being switched on, but then just shows you on a map, based on network location, not dependent on the phone’s ring volume being up or any proximity.

  7. Mitch, there are definitely those apps but I imagine for most people those are a modern equivalent of the flashing 12:00 on a VCR, and most people haven’t figure out how to use them or use them so infrequently they forget how to use them when the time comes.

  8. @Mitch4: Yes, and that feature is available for Android as well (in fact, if you just Google “find my phone” on another device it will show you a map, if you’re logged in), but if it’s lost in your house that won’t help beyond confirming that it’s in your house.

  9. Not sure I have mentioned this here (if I did – pardon the repeat) – we got home from the movies one Saturday night and husband has lost his phone. He had it when we had sat down at the movies. We rechecked the walk from the car to house and the car. Then he looked for it online and it was at the theater, so we drove back to theater and checked the parking lot. Once I knew the phone was in the theater I was not worried and knew we would get it back – especially since it was still there after the cleaning crew had left.

    Problem was that the next day we had a reenactment with a board meeting during setup – and he was the commander and we had to be there and the theater would not open until noon. So the next morning we got dressed, went to the event for setup and board meeting then, in my 18th century outfit (I did take off my cap – made it a bit less odd) I got in the van and drove to theater. For some reason I assumed that the same older woman who knew us would be working (as she did every Saturday night and we would have a good laugh over it when I showed up in the odd clothing and explained. But no, a female employee I had never seen before was at the ticket window. I explained about the lost phone and which theater we had been in – and she told me to go in and find it. I had reproduction glasses with sunglasses lenses in them – hard to see in the theater, even though no movie yet and I had not thought to bring my other glasses. I found were we had sat and felt around – then telephoned his phone, found it, thanked the employee and left, driving back to the event.

    How odd is it to someone in 18th century clothing who is looking for a lost cell phone – in a movie theater?

  10. When Robert was taking psychology courses in college he had to do some training of a chicken – I forget the exact training – I think when it pushed the right lever it would get food. He said that the chicken picked up the idea so quickly that he was pretty sure it was not the chicken’s first time through the course.

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