1. Answer simple: great cartoonist god say he has deadline, joke must be ready before sundown.

  2. Potholes exist, therefore someone must have made them. If someone made them, there was a first one, and someone had to invent it.

    No, it doesn’t make any sense. But I figure that was Coverly’s thinking. Or, it’s the thinking he’s imputing to the speaker, and the other person is as incredulous as we are.

  3. Well… It wasn’t originally a pothole as much as a latrine but I guess he’ll take credit for such a crappy invention, especially as he is the younger brother of Billy H. Wheel and has a bit of jealousy about his invention.

  4. I liked Treesong’s take on it. It looks to me like the inventor is smirking as well. He’s on to a goldmine!

  5. Treesong, Stan – Yes, a bit like that Charlie Chaplin film (I think) where the glazier gets a kid to go round smashing windows in order to drum up glass replacement work. “You” in the cartoon is a stone wheel manufacturing entrepeneur, probably.

    But I think he would be better advised to concentrate on creating a bigger base market through maximising the usefulness and reliability of his new product, instead of looking to force people to buy replacement wheels by making them break easily. If stone wheels are too delicate and unreliable, his customers may go back to riding eohippi and then the wheels, so to speak, would come off his business. Maybe something like this is what really happened to prevent the Incas developing practical wheels, even though they knew about them (usually it is the mountainous Andean terrain, steep and stepped roads and lack of strong draught animals that are considered factors).

  6. Dude on the left was cruising along and hit this pothole. “Like my new invention? I call it a pothole!” says the guy on the right. “But WHY you invent pothole?” says Lefty.

    Possible answers:

    “Seemed like it was filling a need.”

    “To make you ask stupid questions.”

    “Maybe there’s no market for it.”

  7. The next day he painted a glyph outside his cave advertising “Ogg’s Wheel Repair.”

  8. Modern version – appliance warranties are 12 or 24 months, and the relevant appliance is “designed” to break at 13 or 25 months respectively. ha. ha.

  9. I was once told [don’t remember by whom] that banks are reluctant to give 30-year mortgages on new houses ’cause they don’t last that long. Don’t know if that’s true or not . . .

  10. Andréa: That sounds a little strange to me. Banks usually make you get homeowner’s insurance as a condition of the mortgage, so if the house falls apart, the value is still there anyway for the bank to seize in case of default.

  11. Perhaps the inventor came up with the idea – make a hole in the ground, put a fire in it, add food over the fire after it dies down to hot (from flaming) and the food will cook. Hmmm,what should I call it? It is a hole in the ground – so hole makes sense “hot hole” – naw, sounds obscene – “cook hole” – eh? – “pot hole” that sound good – it a potload of food cooking in a hole.

    Then when someone else – long, long after – came up with the idea of moveable vessel to cook food in it (so it was not touching the dirty dirt in the hole) he called it pot – as no longer needed the hole to cook in, but one could put it in a hole and cook in the traditional manner.

    Rain date for a reenactment event this coming weekend is on my mind and I am happy that I will not be the one cooking with pot and fire.

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