1. Jonathan Harris did voice an animated version of “My Favorite Martian”. The character was designed to resemble Harris.

    For a lot of actors — especially comedians — playing against type on television was pretty common. Groucho Marx, a big Gilbert & Sullivan buff, starred in “The Mikado”. Brother Harpo played a mute who witnessed a murder. Buster Keaton was a lowly clerk in a mock Soviet dictatorship.

  2. I had a hard time seeing him as anything but Lou Costello. Jonathan Harris was a nice reminder that he usually played really evil guys. Even the first few episodes of Lost in Space he was an extremely nasty villain. Then he took the character in that campy direction everyone remembers and got away with it because he and Bill Mumy were the only ones who could get through their scenes in just a couple of takes.

  3. And a bit OT from the given OT, I have gotten confused by different versions of why Elvis Costello chose that surname for his stage name. I’ve heard it was homage to the comedian Lou Costello ; a family name of some sort ; and a local figure, like a grocer or shop owner, who helped him out in his youth.

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