1. “Why is a wrestling announcer in his class?”

    Especially one who died a couple of months ago. The body’s probably not “cowering” so much as it is “slumping over as bits fall off.”

  2. I don’t even understand what’s happening here. Taken literally, it seems like Caufield is saying that the way in which Gene was cowering expressed something bad about Caufield, which doesn’t make any sense. Does Caufield actually mean that the fact that Mrs. Olsen was yelling at Gene makes Caufield conclude that Gene did something bad, and Caufield for some reason assumes that the bad thing was saying something bad about Caufield? That wouldn’t make any sense either, but it would perhaps make a little more.

  3. Winter Wallaby: I think it means that Caufield heard Gene say something, but couldn’t make it out, but from the way that Mrs. Olsen yelled at Gene (and Gene’s subsequent cowering) means that it was probably something bad.

    How did Caufield know that Gene’s transgression was directed at him? Did he hear “Caufield your a (unintelligable)”?

  4. Continuing on, Caulfield knew that the bully said something bad because of the way he reacted when he got caught doing it, whereas Frazz is delighted that that the bully got caught.

  5. @ carlfink: So he could have been saying something like “Mmm mmmm, I’d like to get some of that fine boy.” Not at calling his something bad, though it objectifying.

    I’m not surprised that Frazz lives for Schadenfreude.

  6. I think Frazz is acting delightedly proud of Caulfield because he was able to deduce what went on with Mean Gene.

  7. “I think Frazz is acting delightedly proud of Caulfield”

    Frazz is proud of all the kids, not just Caulfield, when they do or say something that is smart or that shows development. But delightedly proud of that, when Caulfield has displayed this sort of intelligence on a regular basis?

    He’s delighted because justice was done. The bully was caught bullying and suffered the consequences. I think everybody can get behind the notion that THAT should happen more often…

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