1. It brings to mind a rather funny bit about why swimming is a confusing sport that Demetri Martin does. I thinking running can be substituted for swimming and the joke still works.

  2. The Boston Citgo Sign is famous as probably the largest gas station sign that is nowhere near a gas station.

    I lived next to it for 4 years. During that time it was the subject of an experimental film: https://youtu.be/8fWNAqFqNcQ

  3. That film was pretty cool.

    Fun trivia: There used to be an older sign occupying the present site of the CITGO sign:

    Cambridge, MA has its own landmarked old neon sign, belonging to a SHELL gas station.

    And here’s a good overview of why the CITGO sign is such a fixture in Bostonians’ hearts:

  4. I would have liked to read about the older sign, but instead I was informed that “Sorry, this content is not available in your region.“. In other words, yet another website that cannot be bothered to deal with data privacy issues.

  5. “yet another website that cannot be bothered to deal with data privacy issues.”

    Sadly, trying to keep up with the EU’s regulations is beyond the technical expertise of many small stateside website operators.

  6. In St. Louis, we have the “World’d Largest Amoco sign”.

    These days, I’m not sure how many Amoco signs are even out there attached to working stations. It used to be the “World’s Largest Standard sign”:

    They changed it when Amoco rebranded the stations. There was concern about what would happen to the sign with BP bought Amoco, but they left it even though the station itself became a BP.

  7. @ Powers – Except that this isn’t a “small operator”: WCVB is an ABC affiliate, owned by Hearst, and ought to know better.

  8. @ Brian – Driving a couple of hours south of Berlin, we saw a classic orange ball “Gulf” sign – I had no idea that the brand still existed; I would have been only a little more surprised to have seen the “Sinclair” dinosaur.

  9. Oddly I have trouble reading many news sites due to my adblocker. The Bizjournal one was one. I was able to read it only by sneaking in through Google’s “Cache” feature.

    The WCVB article is brief, but I’ll post an excerpt here:

    “…A sign at that location first became part of the Boston skyline in 1940, but at the time it had a different logo, according to CITGO’s history of the sign. The original sign said “Cities Service,” which was a brand name prior to the creation of the CITGO brand and triangle-shaped logo in 1965.
    A historic photo of the Cities Service sign from CITGO shows that there was also a competing sign for the Gulf company across the square. …”


  10. There was a big rebranding of the Cities Service brand when they changed the name – “CitiesService is Citgo now!” was the catchphrase in the commercial.

  11. My undergrad dorm room window had a view of the lawn of the women’s dorm. For almost all of spring term, that meant tanning season.

    My daughter’s first dorm room had a window that overlooked a basketball half-court. At first, she liked the view; later in the year, she began to realize how late some people like to play basketball, and it isn’t a silent game.

  12. At BU there was a legend of a student who worshipped the Citgo sign. He would sit in his dorm room gazing out the window at the sign in rapt adoration for hours.

    It was around 1970 and the dorm DID have the reputation of being the third largest drug center on the East Coast, Harvard Square being the first and I forget the second. So perhaps he did smoke and adore the sign all night long.

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