1. Presumably it is “afford” in the sense of “give you”, as in the googly dictionare example “this highway affords stunning views of California’s coastline”. So Green is getting all the credit facilities he needs to realise his apparent dream (happiness in a bigger boat) but that credit does not afford him the wisdom/ sense/ insight to realise that there is a pattern developing here: a bigger boat does not in fact afford him happiness.

    It may be that the cartoonist is instead (or also) saying, given Jones saved up rather than borrowed money to get his little boat, that having the wherewithal in advance to get what you want is more satisfying than putting yourself in debt for it. But in that case Frazz is wrong, “money”, in terms of ready cash, bought happiness for Jones all right. Credit/ borrowed money/ mortgage did not get Green happiness, irrespective of the size of boat, precisely because it was borrowed.

    So is he unhappy because it was credit, or because it was bigger boats? Maybe he doesn’t like boats at all? Would Green have been happy with his bigger boats even he had been able to pay for them with cash? Maybe. Or maybe not. If he got on with Jones, perhaps he would have been happiest going off in his boat with him from time to time, and offering to pay for fuel, and bringing the sandwiches and ginger beer.

    There’s a one-third Arlo saying involving three Fs, another third of which is about boats and the third third about aeroplanes, that suggests if a desired element in your lfe is one of these three Fs it is better to rent than buy (especially borrow to buy, presumably). Maybe Green should have taken that thought on board.

  2. Creditors (lenders) do best when their clients fail to recognize the pattern that their spending doesn’t bring them happiness.

  3. ” in that case Frazz is wrong, “money”, in terms of ready cash, bought happiness for Jones”

    The money didn’t buy him the happiness. Rather, his happiness arises from living within his budget. Presumably, he also could have been happy if he had not been able to afford a boat at all… he would have found something else to do with his time that he enjoyed.

  4. You guys are all wrong.

    “Credit” to the author for originating a moral cannot afford to have people recognize the pattern of previous instances in which the moral was offered. Frazz recognizes the pattern and that leads to him giving credit to the anonymous soul who originated “money can’t buy happiness”, instead of our erstwhile child-author.

  5. According to the Bruce Wayne Rule, if you can’t have a superpower make sure you have unlimited credit.

    Then again, Batman doesn’t seem to be a happy guy, either.

  6. Daniel J. Drazen, kinda depends on which Batman you choose. Mine will always be Adam West. A guy who was always very happy and gay.

  7. “kinda depends on which Batman you choose.”

    You have to start with the question: Is Bruce Wayne a billionaire playboy who sometimes fights crime as a costumed vigilante, or is Batman a costumed vigilante who sometimes pretends to be Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy? (For the animated series, this question was directly answered. “I…am…vengeance. I…am…the night. I…am… BATMAN!”)

  8. The classic form of the last one is “Money can’t buy happiness, but it enables you to be miserable in comfort.”

  9. From my quotes file:

    You can’t buy happiness…. It’s better to save your money and be a little disgruntled.

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