1. I know I’ve seen the last one before, but I cannot figure out why. It doesn’t seem to be a CIDU repeat, and I’ve been following “Rhymes with Orange” for only a week or so. Perhaps someone (Andréa?) posted it as a comment to another thread (so the tags cannot find it)?
    P.S. In case anyone is having trouble with Wayno’s “8” Easter eggs, all four arrows count.

  2. Rather odd, to see one here and realize that I saw it elsewhere and didn’t really get it – but didn’t notice that I didn’t get it!

    I mean the Bizarro. Only just now did I catch “overshare” reflecting “overture”. And retrospectively no idea why I wasn’t puzzled by it then.

  3. @Mitch4: Well, you’ve explained why it’s funnier than I thought it was. I got hung up on oversharing being a sort of telling. It makes a lot more sense now.

  4. William Tell gets a lot creepier now, given that he chose to exercise his fetish with his son.

  5. I’m not sure whether “pun” is the right word. What struck me (after I read Mitch4’s explanation) is that his “sharing” could be interpreted as an “overture” (or “pass”).

  6. I remember this one too – though I do follow Rhymes With Orange, so I probably saw it ab initio. Not in the last week, though…

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