Good Morning!

good morning

Isn’t this kind of an odd choice of songs to sing to a teenager who does stereotypically stay up late?

By the way, from “Singing in the Rain”:

For the record, I take issue with saying “We’ve worked the whole night through” at 1:30am. Six thirty, with the sun coming up, is working the whole night through. One thirty is just staying up a bit late.


  1. “Isn’t this kind of an odd choice of songs to sing to a teenager who does stereotypically stay up late?”

    I think it falls under the category of “rubbing it in”.

  2. My mother did the same thing to me — woke me by singing “Good Mornin'”. Basically, as she later explained, if you’re singing to annoy your kids, you don’t worry about the actual applicability of the song — you just either change the inapplicable lyrics, or sing ’em anyway and don’t worry about it. I was typically woken by “Good Mornin’, good Mornin’/You’ve slept the whole night through/Good Mornin’,Good Mornin’/To you.”

    Which isn’t the lyrics. But, I didn’t know any better until I finally saw SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, years later.

    My wife and I don’t have kids, but we have taken her lessons to heart in how we randomly sing to our cats.

  3. 1:30 is around my typical bedtime. There have been times when I saw the sun come up and figured “Geez, I’d better get to bed.”

  4. 1:30 is around my typical bedtime. I never was an earlybird. Now that I’m no longer a productive member of society, I try to get to bed at some sort of reasonable hour. Currently I’m typing this at 12:21am local. I’m in reasonably good shape if I don’t spend too much more time in my evening computer session. Unlike when I was a productive member of society, the consequences of staying up late aren’t as serious.

  5. Here’s an opinion question: in your mind, what is the line between “late night” and “early morning”? For me, 2 AM is clearly late night, and 2:59 probably is, and 4 AM is clearly early morning, but the whole 3 AM hour is sort of in an area I’m not sure about. So, if I was going to draw a line between “late night” and “early morning”, I’d probably put it at 0330.
    How about y’all?

  6. If it was 6:30, Bill, they wouldn’t have had enough energy to perform a 3-minute dance number. That’s why they used 1:30.

  7. Here’s an opinion question: in your mind, what is the line between “late night” and “early morning”?

    Depends, are you going to bed or getting up?

  8. I can’t find the quote, but someone said (approximately): Sunrise is a beautiful way to end a day, and a horrible way to start one.

  9. Think of all the great sunrise pieces of music you have heard. The most famous of all is of course the opening of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” also known as the 2001 theme. Then there’s Strauss’ Alpine Symphony, Grofé’s Grand Canyon Suite and the last movement of Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata.

    Now, with those in mind, if you have ever gotten up early to watch a real sunrise … it’s so … anticlimactic.

  10. I’d draw the line at 1am – 12:30 is late night, while 1:30 is clearly early early morning.

    Presumably when the movie was made society had not degenerated enough (insert smiley here) to consider seeing the sun rise from the wrong end.

  11. A musician friend has been known to sing —

    “Morn-ing has bro-ken. . .
    Call the repair-man. . . “

  12. MiB, I did that once (gotten up early to watch a real sunrise) when I was in Zermatt, Switzerland. Friends had told me about the sun rising over the Matterhorn, and I got some great photos of it, then went back to bed.

  13. Heh…some time ago I lost five years of my life to working second shift. I was never an early bird, but some times I did finally get to bed around sunrise.

  14. In college, I delivered newspapers. Sundays were morning deliveries. I saw enough sunrises.

  15. MiB: I’ve found that if you deliberately get up just to see a sunrise, it disappoints; but, if you must get up for some other reason, the sunrise is a glorious compensation for otherwise having to get up so early — you say to yourself, geez, imagine if you could just watch this beautiful sunrise without having to do whatever it is that caused you to get up so early, imagine how glorious that would be, and if you’re artistically inclined, you might compose an ode to the sunrise from that state of mind. And then you rise purposefully to see this glorious thing, and you go, meh…

  16. ianosmond – we are late night/early am people also. We decided that for ourselves the time we are awake from when we wake up on say Monday and when we go to sleep what is technically early Tuesday morning we will call Monday. If I call in to do something overnight – say renew prescriptions by the pharmacy’s computer – I will label that call (etc) as being on Tuesday morning at (time) in my Organizer records.

  17. We have both been owls our entire life. (I was even born at around 10 pm – didn’t want to wake up early then either.) As long as Robert was working we were tied to dealing with him getting up to go to work. I usually would sleep about an hour or two later and stay up watching TV in bed later than him. When he quit his job our days were no longer tied to anything but what we wanted. I am sitting here at 1:18 am at my computer. Around 2- 2:30 he will come down and we will have a late night snack (or both of us have problems that our blood glucose will drop during the night) and then go to bed. He will be asleep generally by 3:30-4:00 am. I have trouble falling asleep before 5 am. We were thrown off even further than usual when he hurt his shoulder/arm and was in too much pain to sleep and really need to get up an hour earlier than we do.

    Last night was the worst of it. We did not get to bed to actually sleep until around 9 am. But this time we have an excuse. As we went to bed at 4 am our phone rang. It was a policeman. My mom (age 90) had called the police because her neighbors “the guys” were plotting to kill her and the officer that came called us as mom gave us our info. (We live the closest to her – half an hour away.) Of course this was not true. Mom has suddenly been “hearing” these (new neighbors) talking about her all the time. They are not as far as we know talking about her and she is “hearing” them through a solid out door wall. So we got dressed and drove to her house. I talked to her while Robert talked to the officer as R’s training and job was in mental health. We ended up with her going to the hospital in an ambulance and then stayed with her there until my middle sister and her husband came at around 9 am. (We both decided not to call “baby” sister – in her 50s – as she lives in Manhattan and did not need to rent a car or take the train out. I called her later and told her what was going on.)

    The really odd thing is that mom even as she she talks about all this knows and will say that it does not make sense to her that she is hearing it. Hospital put her on med to see what it does and she went home with my sister. Robert exhausted had been unable to sleep in our parked car when I sent him out to try and fell asleep as soon as we got home. Between worrying, calls and texts from my sisters, I had an hour’s sleep. And yet I am still going the following early morning. Glad though I don’t have to wake up early and go to work tomorrow.

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