1. Several pages that come up when searching for DARK ROAST CAFFEINE suggest that Frazz is not only annoying, but also wrong.

  2. But if he’s right, he’s doing her a favor. Who says there’s been a placebo effect? This is a pretty harmless sort of self-medication compared to, say, antibiotics for viral infections, but the principle is the same.

  3. Even if Wikipedia appears to confirm Frazz’s contention, I would not consider it (nor the comics) as a reliable source for authoritative science.

  4. Since the whole thing is “This is how this makes me feel” a placebo effect is a valid as any.

    As for Wikipedia, it depends. A good Wikipedia article is sourced. Check the footnotes.

  5. Well this topic may have extended my life. //////|\\\\\\
    My dark roast and caffeine search found that last November, Canadian researchers discovered, they think, why their study of the effect of caffeine, and light & dark roast on brain health showed that dark roast coffee seemed to be a preventative of (not a cure for) Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The suspected dark roasting product is phenylindanes. 🙂 All the siblings in my mother’s family died of Alzheimer’s (but not her mother, sharp through to 101). I’ve been doing every suggested practice that has been touted during the last 25 years; my short term memory’s still excellent at 62.

    Just last week, I was happy to find that Green Mountain had several varieties that were a lighter roast than their Breakfast Blend. I guess that now, I’ll be giving up the coffee experience I love, but will be more likely to join my friends at Starbucks. (no more “ugh!” at the mere thought of it. If this research pans out, I hope there’ll be a phenylindane pill in the near future.)


  6. ” “This is how this makes me feel” a placebo effect is a valid as any. ”

    But there’s no sign there actually IS a placebo effect in this case. She thinks shell be more alert, but there’s no sign she ever has been. She is, and always has been, Mrs. Olsen.

  7. ” roasting coffee does decrease the amount of caffeine, but it decreases the amount of water more”

    But in making coffee into a beverage, the water (and a lot more) are added back.

  8. I read somewhere (on a pro-coffee site) that the lighter roasts ARE the ones with the most caffeine left in the beans. Since Frazz frequently mentions drinking espresso I agree with the header – he should let Mrs O just drink her coffee in peace.,

  9. @ larK: If that this the case, we should mock him ceaselessly.

    All this talk of roasting the bean ignores factors that are probably much more important: how the beverage is prepared.

    The grind, water temperature, brewing method, and brew time will all affect the extraction of all the stuff in the coffee beans. If, for example, you took whole beans and dunked them in lukewarm water for twenty seconds, you’d wind up with a very weak cup of joe, regardless of how much caffeine was in the bean. Take a bean with less caffeine, but grind it up, brew it in, say, a French press with 95 degree water (for those in Liberia, Burma, and the USA, that’s very hot but not quite boiling) for 9 minutes and you’re going to extract a lot more from those beans.

    For those that say 9 minutes in a French press is too much, I refer you to this video. I’ve been following the instructions and it makes some really nice coffee without any increased bitterness.

  10. Who’d have thought young Id-driven Calvin would grow up to be such a sanctimonious spoil-sport.

  11. There have been a few unauthorized “Calvin grown up” comics out there.In the two I saw, both had Calvin married to Susie with one or more “feisty” kids. One commentor lamented that for all of early Calvin, he ended up a regular middle-class dad. Frazz might be a truer continuation.

  12. Well, if Disney’s Goofy of the 1930’s and 1940’s can turn into the regular middle-class family man of the 1950’s and single parent of the 1990’s, I suppose Calvin can become a family man, sort of like Robin Williams in “Hook”.

  13. As a geezer comment – shouldn’t Mrs. Olsen be a coffee expert – well maybe not this Mrs. Olsen but the one from the 1970s Folger’s coffee ads?

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