1. I like your punch line better. Where’s that little squirrel to deliver this clever aside 🙂

  2. Mortuary stones aren’t entirely recession proof either. A lot of funeral and plot sales are pre-need that people purchase when they are doing well financially. And even on an at need basis, families may be forced to go with cheaper options.

  3. Well, there is a book titled “Everybody Poops” and nobody’s ever taken them to court for making a false claim.

  4. My Mother’s cremains are packed away, somewhere . . . I wasn’t at the WI house when Hubby packed up everything, and we can’t unpack ’cause FL houses have NO BASEMENT and NO STORAGE . . . so may of the unpacked totes are in the garage. Oh well, at least she’s with me, wherever she is . . .

  5. I’m pretty frugal, but that’s one area of spending where I buy the best (in my opinion). I pretty much exclusively use Charmin Ultra-soft. That doesn’t mean that I don’t shop smart, but I won’t use the really cheap stuff. The type they had at MegaCorp when I was still a productive member of society was so awful that I brought my own.

  6. I was purchasing (for my deceased great grandmother) a tombstone and made a similar remark to the owner of the monument company. He confirmed that his business was pretty recession proof. (We didn’t discuss TP.)

  7. @ Brian – My only contact with the “Charmin” brand was in high school, when we were making “flowers” for a parade float. Our group would get together for an evening, and each of us would bring a few rolls of TP swiped from home. Charmin was the worst: not only would the sheets delaminate when one tried to twist them into flower “petals”, but the stuff stank so strongly that it was difficult to wash off the perfume afterwards.

  8. Well, current Charmin is not scented. It is sufficiently soft and strong for the purpose. Of course, I’m always up for better suggestions. I tried White Cloud three-ply after it came out first in some review, but I didn’t like it as well.

  9. “. . . but the stuff stank so strongly that it was difficult to wash off the perfume afterwards.”

    That certainly goes into GEEZER territory, when toilet paper was scented and colored and had designs printed on it. The designs were especially relevant in those households where one person wanted the roll one way, another wanted it the other.

  10. Brian in STL – in the RV it is Scott or one has to use “expensive specially made for use in RV toilets” as dissolving quickly in water is the most important thing.

  11. And some people want to take out the stone that is there and put in a new one – when they go (had to work in that both involve “going”). My dad died in 1990. My mom wanted to put in a double headstone – with her side empty until she joined him. We talked her out of this. As mentioned in another post today, she turned 90 yesterday and is still going strong – just stopped driving this year. (Her dad lived to 95 and had a far less comfortable life with more “primitive” medical care ( based on the advancement since then.) When she “goes” we are suppose to take down my dad’s headstone and put up a double one for them. I will leave this decision to my middle sister.

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