1. Since so many of you are fans of current music, do you have any suggestions for currently popular songs that would sound really good if played on a pipe organ? I am looking for ideas for a recital. (I arranged Bohemian Rhapsody for piano and organ duet and performed it with a friend of mine. Someone else made and arrangement for organ solo and I’d love to find the sheet music for it.)

  2. “Since so many of you are fans of current music”

    Totally UNcurrent, but the Ode to Joy always sounds good.

    The Simpsons had a bit where Bart slips the sheet music for “in-a-gadda-da-vida” to the church organist labeled as “in the garden of eden”, and that sounded pretty good.
    Thinking of a pipe organ made me think of “Hello, I love you”

    And, of course, Iron Man.

  3. Speaking of records, I have been listening to my old vinyl records and I notice that there are so many variables and dependencies. I bought a brand-new Ortofon OM-30 stylus and that makes a big difference in the sound. My turntable is extremely steady in its speed and has no noticeable rumble, but if I walk around the bouncy floor it makes the record skip. Some records sound really good but some are indifferently recorded and some are cheaply pressed. Some have skips and pops but very few as I know how to take proper care of records — the previous owners of the records I bought used, not so much so. Some have swishes or other noisy surface sound. Many have inner-groove distortion. Some have an off-center hole. Some have pre-echo when one groove distorts the next one. I have bought a few brand-new (as of this or last year) vinyl records and some of them have similar problems. On the whole when selecting a record at random I have maybe a 50-50 chance of a completely satisfying auditory experience. With CD’s most of those variables and dependencies don’t exist. The sound is close to the original recording without wow, flutter, distortion, pre-echo, swishes, clicks, pops and the horrible sound of a worn-out diamond stylus. In addition, recording technology really has improved since the 1980’s, improbable as that may seem. Listen to the recent Boston Symphony releases of Shostakovich symphonies for examples. (But some of my favorite old vinyls have never been re-issued on CD and perhaps never will be.)

  4. I have a piece of hardware that lets me record MP3’s out of cassettes.
    The record companies wanted me to buy CD copies of all the cassettes I already owned, but I didn’t… partly because some were held out, partly because some weren’t popular enough, and some that got different versions on CD than on the cassettes. But the conversion process is…not quick, so I have a bunch that still haven’t been converted. Someday…

  5. Andréa, that search yields many different arrangements of Bohemian Rhapsody but not a single one for organ. Watching someone play it on the pipe organ does not help me play it on the pipe organ.

  6. See if I trust google search ever again! Sorry ’bout that! How did those who ARE playing on pipe organ transcribe the music?

  7. I can’t find a post from me about this, so I hope I did not just miss it (apologies if duplicate post) –

    Robert bought some sort of device which lets him hook his turntable to the computer and copy the records to CD/hard drive. He plans to copy records that are not currently otherwise available. (Plan was delayed in implementation as the the device was ordered just before/arrived just after Robert’s shoulder & arm were in pain. He managed to get it to work, but was in too much pain to do wholesale copying – and has not gotten back to it, despite feeling fine now.

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