1. It’s a grizzly scene when cops come upon a multiple murder where everyone involved is killed and there are no survivors. Such is the case in this three-way rock-paper-scissors turf fight.

  2. Man I would never have gotten this one without the explanation. I thought maybe the rock was a helmet, the blades along with the paper pieces were straps for the helmet, and maybe a killer’s note on top. Close!

  3. Its Justme: Paper is dead as well, you can see little strips of it under the scissors.

  4. “Surely I’m not the only person who thought this had something to do with “the thin blue line”” went into moderation WHY?

  5. I don’t recall seeing this “brand” of comic strip before. Another web comic, I presume?

    I could not make sense of the last panel. It just seemed a random pile of stuff. Reading the first comment I could then tease out the individual broken elements and see the scissors among the others.

  6. Because moderation is random, because wordpress is written in php.

    What? How does PHP introduce randomness? I’ve written many pieces of code in the language. Any time something didn’t work, it was a error I made. When I had the code right, it ran correctly. Just like every other language I’ve used.

  7. @ Grawlix – I remember looking into “Buttersafe” after it was mentioned on one of Bill’s “What comics have you added this year?” threads a year or two ago. I thought it was OK, but not so good as to add it to my list.

  8. ‘“Surely I’m not the only person who thought this had something to do with “the thin blue line”” went into moderation WHY?’
    Maybe it’s mwgallaher’s first comment: then, he has to be cleared by CIDUBill.

  9. @ Olivier & woozy – It doesn’t have to be his first comment: any minor change (or typo) in the name or e-mail address will trigger the “new commenter” flag.

  10. Brian: php has many issues and wordpress is a large codebase; there are many opportunities for error and many opportunities for error to lead to bizarre consequences. (Rather than, say, runtime aborts, or compilation failures.)

  11. Blaming inconsistent results from filters on the language is probably misdirected. The code itself is another story. Poor workman, tools, all that. I participated in writing anti-spam and topicality control for a forum years ago in PHP. No bug ever traced back to a problem with PHP.

  12. Any programmer who isn’t coding directly in machine code is potentially introducing a vector for errors to be created. Of course, not writing directly in machine code is also very highly correlated with being much more productive as a developer. Using an interpreted language instead of a compiled one is also a vector for inconsistent results.

  13. Brian in STL: “What? How does PHP introduce randomness?”

    Try using the rand() function.

  14. Ah, I should have said “unexpected and undesired randomness”. And of course that’s pseudo-random.

  15. mwgallaher, sometimes a comment goes into moderation because “just because”: the program seems to flag comments randomly sometimes.

    I tend to check the folders several times a day, though, so nothing stays in limbo for very long.

  16. Brian in STL: Pseudo-random?! The documentation says “random number.” I assumed it was generated by some quantum process. Those liars!!!

  17. Brian: a good workman attends to the quality of his tools — that includes not using php.

  18. Brian: a good workman attends to the quality of his tools — that includes not using php.

    You are entitled to your opinion. I don’t agree. I find PHP to be an excellent tool. As did the developers of many projects.

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