1. Arlo is implying: “Why bother with makeup or different outfits, you looked stellar just like in this picture!
    P.S. In the fifth panel, Arlo is sitting alone on the couch with a black eye.

  2. As they’ve aged, the change in Janis has been incremental and Arlo is still hot for her. She’s still very attractive. Even the garbage men think so. So he is asking why she’s got to go ruin everything but showing him how hot she used to be. Now he’s going to be thinking of that picture while getting it on.

  3. Today’s strip elucidates – and SingaporeBill has it exactly. “We’ve been married for years, you haven’t changed in my eyes – until you pull out pictures of the little yellow bikini!”

  4. I had initially thought it was meant as a compliment – you looked perfect then, there’s no need to keep getting better (as you have done). I see everyone else’s point tho.

  5. “I had initially thought it was meant as a compliment”

    It is. The only woman that can distract Arlo from Janis is younger Janis. But she won’t take it that way…

  6. I know how Arlo feels. I’ve been transferring camcorder tapes to DVD and I’ve come across images of my wife from 30 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, she is still beautiful, it’s just that she was “beautifuler” then. They say you know you’re old when your fantasies are of your wife when she was younger. That makes me about 117 years old.

  7. For no reason other than that Andréa reminded me of an episode of the old TV show “To Tell The Truth” I had watched recently, which featured Brian Hyland, singer of “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini”.

  8. The subject of the photo was not identified. What if it was a picture of a youthful Arlo in a swimsuit?

  9. @ John K. – That would have been a nice theory, but jjmcgaffey already reported the contents of the photo from the next day’s strip:

  10. Thanks Kilby! I still love to sit with my coffee and the local printed paper in hand. It doesn’t carry Arlo & Janus so I didn’t see the next strip.

  11. Thanks Kilby. I still like to sit with a cup of coffee and read the daily printed paper. They don’t carry Arlo & Janus so I didn’t see it. This may end up a double response, my last went to moderation. I used John K….

  12. My mom is turning 90 at the end of the month. My sister is giving her a party and asked if I had any old photos of mom. I don’t have a lot of photos of people (places and things – not so much either, but more of them), but I went looking (and did find some in the proofs from our wedding pictures and some a couple of other ones).

    I did get to see me – back to junior high in some of them. I am the same weight as I was when I graduated high school (had to lose 70 pounds over the years to get back there, and I was not a normal sized person then). I wear eyeglasses now instead of contact lenses and I actually like how I look in glasses better than without. Compared to the junior high photo – I now wear sweatshirts without a college name on it (and it was not a college I was going to or planned to go to). I still wear jeans – but now elastic waist not zipper ones. Not as young “cute”, but basically the same – same hair style since senior year of high school (when I moved the part from the side to the middle). I tend to put my hair up in a clip these days instead of down loose (cleaning is so much easier when my hair is not in the way). Basically look the same.

    Oh, I wear boys sneakers now – easier to get than ladies sneakers in my size.

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