1. The man with great wisdom is about to commit suicide. Either the climber wasted his time on someone who wasn’t as wise as he thought, or things are about to get *really* bad.

  2. I agree with Arthur’s second point. The climber has come to seek wisdom, and discovers from the man who should know about the mysteries of life that the best thing do to is blow your brains out.

  3. Solar-powered hair dryer. He was just trying to look his best for the guy. So he hasn’t lost his vanity, so not so enlightened, right?

  4. Maybe the hermit guy is stressed by crowds and has tried to get away from it all but it turns out there is no place on earth where you can’t be pestered and he has no option now but to seek solace in the next world.

  5. My first thought (placing myself as the climber) is poor timing – I’m going to arrive too late to get any pearls of wisdom!

    I don’t think this is fair, but I thought of this as “the” climber, and “a” wise man, as if each mountain top had its own guru! A symptom of too many Wise Man on the Mountain comics

  6. The hermit is flipping off the newcomer, covered by a censor bar.

    The hermit went to the trouble of removing himself from all worldly distractions, and here’s ANOTHER jerk trying to get the wisdom without earning it.

  7. ‘The hermit is flipping off the newcomer, covered by a censor bar.’

    I know the feeling; many’s the time I’m enjoying a nice quiet sitdown in the lanai, and some fool in the immediate neighborhood powers up a: gas-powered leaf blower, edger, lawn mower, generator, compressor; table saw; drone (on Christmas Day, no less). I’d do more than flip ’em off tho, but that’d just get me into more trouble, and I hear it’s pretty noisy in jails/prisons.

  8. How does it get generally known that there is a wise hermit on top of a particular mountain if he is eschewing humanity?

    (I blame all those minimum wage pizza delivery guys; but then again, how wise can this guy be if he uses a place that poorly pays its delivery guys and/or he’s too stingy to tip well? Must be really good pizza…)

  9. Look, I get the drone on Christmas. It was new. Kids play with their new toys on Christmas morning, no matter how old they are at the time.

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