1. This seems pretty straightforward to me. A typical ‘fixer’ doesn’t need the details from whoever is hiring him to do the dirty deeds. A standard trope, I believe. “No questions asked”.

    The lawyer’s job on the other hand is to ask questions. The guy on the stand is getting grilled and wishes the lawyer would do his job the same way he does his, so he won’t get into trouble.

    I guess I can understand his point of view. They’re both scumbags.

  2. The guy on the stand is central-casting classic Mafia. White tie with a dark shirt? Oh, yeah. So he’s alluding to killing guys and other serious crimes.

    @ Stan: If the guy is, as I suggest, a bad criminal, the prosecutor is not being a scumbag. He’s trying to put the bad guy in jail. Or maybe the guy on the stand is a witness, testifying against the Mob boss who hired him to kill people.

  3. @SB What I meant was ALL lawyers are scumbags. (ie What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.) Failed joke. Sorry.

  4. @ Stan: Lawyers are a-holes is a common trope, true. However, I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from having a lawyer who does his job for me. So I got not beef there. He is sort of an a-hole at times, but I knew him before he was a lawyer and he was like that then too.

  5. SingaporeBill: I don’t have a problem with lawyers, but lawyers making money for people isn’t really incongruous with them being a-holes. One of the main reason we have so many lawyers is that people use them to make/protect money, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a-holes as they do it.

  6. @ Winter Wallaby: Well, I didn’t feel my lawyer was being an a-hole as I was the wronged party, of course. I was just fortunate to have a lawyer who is also a friend, so I could afford to hire him. Most little people can’t taken for a ride or just steamrollered because they can’t afford a decent lawyer.

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