1. Flash should be fast enough to go around and past all the bugs. Superman, too. Spider-Man, on the other hand, has no meaningful ability to evade bugs while swinging from buildings.

    Fun physics problem: How much pressure do you have to apply to web-fluid at the exhaust of the web-shooter to get it to shoot a solid stream all the way up to the thirty-eighth floor of a NY skyscraper? What happens to a normal, non-super-powered human being that gets struck by the stream as it’s going out? Has Spider-Man ever accidently hit a passing bird, like Randy Johnson did?

  2. Reminds me of a Victoria Wood line…
    PERSON: Your car’s been stolen.
    VICTORIA: Oh no! What about my insect collection!?
    PERSON: Where was it, in the boot? [US – trunk]
    VICTORIA: No, on the windscreen.

  3. @ Pinny – In addition to selecting the start time, ther ought to be a way to select a stop time, such as to make that clip end at 5:25, before the silly YouTuberette shows up with her inane questions.

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