1. SBill, didn’t Lacey Davenport hang around long after her real-life counterpart was gone? And for that matter, Uncle Duke survived Hunter Thompson.

  2. I don’t think it’s specifically Tip O’Neill. This guy is a Senator and O’Neill was Speaker of the House of Representatives. He’s a generic politician who happens to look exactly like both Tip O’Neill and Ted Kennedy.

  3. Mark in Boston: It’s clearly not Tip O’ Neill, because Tip O’ Neill wasn’t a bird. However, the character was based on Tip O’ Neill.

  4. Sadly, with the loss of their sinking cargo, the crew’s investors were fleeced.
    Ewe might not have known, but the boat had just been rammed.

    Would the boat be considered a baa-rge?

    Also, in other news, I just did a quick image search and also read the Wiki bio of the artist, Rosa Bonheur. What a fascinating story. She specialized in painting and sculpting animals.

    Come for the comics and stay for the art history.

  5. “However, the character was based on Tip O’ Neill.”

    You’re both right… Sen Belfrey might have been modelled on Rep O’Neill, but he was supposed to represent all bloviating, ineffective, self-interested politicians, generically, as a class.

  6. I dearly loved the “flying Chaucer” gag, but I don’t remember seeing it in Shoe. Could it be an older one, or is it just a sign of my senility?

  7. Boise Ed, somebody sent it to me a few weeks ago without additional information. For all I know it’s been circulating the Internet since Chaucer’s time.

  8. I was not able to find that Sunday “Shoe” by searching for “flying chaucer”, not even using the GoComics search engine, which is normally pretty good. However, the fuzzy numbers at the bottom of the strip seemed to say “©17” and “3/5”, and that turned out to be correct: 5-March-2017.

  9. You don’t abandon the sheep – you pick one the right size and stick it in the hole. (This idea from the TV Australian mini series “All the Rivers Run” – the main character, a young woman, is trying to get a riverboat captain’s license as her husband, who is one, has been injured. The testers – who don’t think a woman should have a license – ask her what to do if there is a leak, each time she answers they make the leak harder to deal with and finally she says that she would take whichever of the men on the boat has the biggest bum and push him into the hole.)

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